Who does Fedor have to beat to convince people he is the best?

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8/7/08 8:57:49AM
I wrote this topic because it seems there are so many people who dislike Fedor and pick against him because they think he's overrated.Obviously a scrub like tim sylvia is not enough. but he beat Big Nog ,Cro Cop, Randleman, Babalu, all in their prime. Has he even reached his peak yet? I don't think so. I mean all he has left is AA, Randy and Barnett, and maybe his Brother. I would love to see a catch weight bout between Fedor and A.Silva but Zuffa entertainment would not alow that to happpen. I did hear rumors about Anderson's contract being up in 09 but I doubt Zuffa would let him go.......
8/7/08 9:03:44AM
It's just me, but I'll never consider him the best until he beats "Ricco Suave", and odds are that fight will never happen.
8/7/08 9:05:00AM
Couture. End of story. *dons flak jacket* Then he'll have beaten everyone there really is to beat at HW.
8/7/08 9:23:20AM
anyone that is really paying attention knows that he is the best hw. the only debate is for p4p best and that will likely never be settled. anderson is not gonna fight him at hw, even if zuffa would let him, and fedor surely isnt gonna drop down to lhw (why would he). they walk around at about the same weight so all anderson would have to do is not cut weight, but that is not gonna happen and deep down we all know it. plus it is likely that anderson would get handled fairly easily. there are a lot of questions about how he will do as a lhw but he has never really considered moving up to hw and for good reason. the bigger stronger guys would give him serious problems, and fedor would beat all of them. the greatest fighter in the world should not be decided by who cuts weight the best and considering that they walk around at similar weights fedor is my number one p4p (although i think it is razer thin between them, as well as between gsp and bj for who is the p4p king)
8/7/08 10:10:47AM
He's with out doubt the best HW and P4P fighter in the world. He's cleaned out the HW devision and no one has even come close to stopping him. He ALWAYS fights with a weight, hight, reach and sometimes strength disadvantage and wins.
His legacy is secure as the greatest P4P and HW ever!
Silva, GSP, BJ and anyone else in consideration all cut weight to dominate their devisions where as Fedor constantly fights much larger guys and dominates them. He could easily cut to LHW and still wouldn't be the biggest guy there but again would dominate.
Anyone arguing the point he isn't the best should carry on watching WWF.
8/7/08 10:15:59AM
MMAPlayground Heavyweight Rankings:

#1 Fedor Emelianenko 19.74%
#2 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira 17.08%
#3 Randy Couture 13.98%
#4 Josh Barnett 11.41%
#5 Andrei Arlovski 11.21%

And the Pound-for-Pound rankings

#1 Anderson Silva 20.87%
#2 Fedor Emelianenko 18.86%
#3 Georges St. Pierre 16.43%
#4 BJ Penn 14.70%
#5 Urijah Faber 6.67%

And 83% of MMAPlayground voters picked Fedor over Tim Sylvia at "Affliction: Banned." And Sylvia is ranked 6th after the loss; he was probably ranked higher than that before the fight.

So I guess I'm not sure what people you're talking about. Whoever they are, they're clearly a minority. At least, around here.
8/7/08 10:23:03AM
When Fedor was in Pride he beat every top heavy weight except Josh Barnett. Barnett has always been a top five heavy weight in my opinion, he beat Nogueira, who is soon to be the UFC heavy weight champion. If Fedor can dominate him like he did Tim Sylvia there should be no doubt he is the best. I also would have said Randy Couture but i think at this point he may be too old to realy contend with Fedor
8/7/08 10:28:39AM
Ok so everyone pretty much agrees...I have noticed some haters out there and could not understand. Them...
8/7/08 10:49:43AM
Before Tim he hadn't fought anybody recently. What have you done for me lately? You know what I mean. Now that he's back on track and doing it in America it's going to be impossible for people to ignore him. Especially after he kicks the shit out of Arlovski and Barnett. Randy fight or not I think those two will cement his status as number one.
8/7/08 11:09:27AM
He is very good , he only lost once because of a cut.
8/7/08 11:36:08AM
I think the Randy fight is not as important now because of his age and inactivity........
8/7/08 2:02:44PM
I love Fedor, and have for years, however I want to see him fight Couture. Fedor would definately be the favorite but with Couture you just never know, especially when he's the underdog.
Also, Anderson and Fedor will probably never fight eachother.
I like the top 5 P4P and top 5 HW's above. I mostly agree with them. A.Silva, Fedor, GSP, Penn, Faber, Torres are probably my top six just off the top of my head. Faber needs to fight some more talent though. I wish some of the Dream fighters and other Japanese 145lb fighters would come to the WEC. Also, Torres has amazing jj, and great standup. However, with him not having to cut weight to fight at 135, it's pretty amazing what he's done, including beating fighters 40 and 50 pounds heavier then him.
8/7/08 2:26:38PM
I'm sure there are a number of fans that would respond to this with "Kimbo" but thankfully none of them are on this site. If there are, I will consider banning them for being ignoramuses.

All in all I'm with Achilles

There is no other heavyweight out there that the general population of educated MMA fans considers better than Fedor. He just needs to stay active, whilst fighting the better HWs (or any fighter) out there.
8/7/08 5:33:46PM
winning isn't everything in MMA. Danas opinion is .
8/7/08 6:23:25PM
I will admit i WAS a bit on the side of him being overrated. then i looked up his fights on youtube and watched him kill timmay. though AA is my fav. you cant deny he is the best. my oppinion wouldnt even change if by some freak accident he got flash ko'd by AA or Barnett. IMO he is the best and would have to lose more than once to be considered less than #1
8/7/08 7:50:07PM

Posted by postman

winning isn't everything in MMA. Danas opinion is .

Thank god not for too much longer. I totally respect Dana for bringing MMA to the masses. I personally found it thru K-1 and pride on FSN. But he has to start looking like this as a legitimate sport. To do that the best fighters have to fight the best fighters regardless of promotion. There has to be a way for Zuffa to make money off cross-promotions...
8/8/08 1:18:58AM
no1 he'll never be best in my books
8/8/08 6:12:24AM

Posted by murphy_16

no1 he'll never be best in my books

but you rank Tito Ortiz #7 in your P4P rankings?!
8/8/08 9:18:22AM
8/8/08 10:56:39AM

Posted by mkiv9secsupra

Posted by murphy_16

no1 he'll never be best in my books

but you rank Tito Ortiz #7 in your P4P rankings?!

no where does it say that
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