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7/11/10 3:23:39PM

Posted by bjj1605

What did Saturday night prove?

That it's nearly impossible to be a full time MMA fighter at the highest level AND Keep your day job.

That lack of a gas tank will turn a W into an L.

That Brock Lesnar is one tough SOB and that he's evolving.

Above all though, his performance convinced me that Fedor Emelianenko WOULD beat Brock Lesnar. Fedor has knock out power. He's put down big guys in the HW division with a single well placed punch. See Brett Rogers for more info. The fear and discomfort that Brock showed when he was on his feet against a superior striker are really telling. If he did the same thing against Fedor that he did against Carwin he would get dropped again. If he was still conscious Fedor would not make the mistake that Carwin made.

Fedor is so experienced, technical, and patient. If he were on top of Brock he would pick his shots . Look for submissions. Did you see when Brock stood up? How he exposed his back to Shane Carwin? That has Fedor vs Mark Hunt written all over it. Fedor would've locked up a RNC and been on his way back to Russia with the UFC HW Title. Perhaps more importantly Fedor isn't going to gas out after 5 minutes of fighting.

There's no doubt in my mind that Fedor could defend enough of Brock's takedowns to land the shot he needed. Even if Brock did get on top of him, so what? Fedor has submission victories over wrestlers like Marc Coleman and Kevin Randleman. As well as over monsters like Hong Man Choi (who dwarfs Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin). He can deal with wrestling and he can deal with size. Put them both together and it might be more difficult, but the speed and precision of his arm bars would have Brock as much on edge as Carwin's punches did.

At the end of the day I still have Brock ranked #1 at HW. He's coming off of a win in a title fight and Fedor is coming off of a loss. But there's no doubt in my mind after the performance he put on on Saturday (as entertaining and impressive in some ways as it was) that Fedor Emelianenko is still the better fighter.

Flame On

Cause that's exactly what he did with Werdum lol

The way I see Fedor winning is only by UD
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