Fedor vs Barnett. Who do u think takes it?

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2/5/07 2:47:12PM
it would Either Be Fedor By Unaimous Descision or Fedor By Sub in Rd 1.
Josh would be able to take Fedor Down but Fedor would sub him.
7/27/07 10:50:40PM
Barnett would KILL fedor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 if fedor was human!.....otherwise fedor wins like he beat noguiera
7/27/07 11:04:36PM
I think Fedor takes this by TKO in the first.
7/27/07 11:50:03PM
7/28/07 10:26:13AM
I think Josh has the best chance right now. He has decent standup, a pretty good chin and a very good ground game. I think what will seprate him from everybody else that Fedor has fought, is his size and strength. Josh just might be able to control Fedor once the fight hit the ground.

7/28/07 11:45:21AM

Posted by Hwarang

Fedor will win either be sub or gnp

Sub??????????? Are you kidding me????????
7/28/07 11:46:50AM
Fedor by GnP like the fight with Nog..except Barnett gets KO'ed.
7/28/07 2:34:39PM
It should be Fedor shouldn't it.

Barnett walks out only to get hit by bombs he has never experienced before.
The next thing he knows, he's fish dancing and wobbling, looking for safety with his hand held up like "please don't hit me anymore"
The next thing you know it comes
Crashes onto his jaw.
And Barnett falls limp.

Barnett couldn't possibly take Fedor down, outsize him and submit him with a niffty choke or leglock.
Could he?

lets just say it's a fight i'd like to see

7/28/07 3:52:22PM

Posted by hippysmacker

I've been reading a lot of people's opinions on various MMA sites, and it seems a lot of people seem to think Barnett will beat Fedor. Barnett's great(top 5 HVY IMO) , but this kind of shocked me. Anybody can beat anybody on a given day( puncher's chance, injury, cut etc) , but I think if they fought 100 times Barnett would win 5- 8 at best, and most of them by the exceptions listed above.

hippy i agree with you most of the time but to say barnett wins only 5-8 times out of 100 is crazy. butterbean would win 5 times due to some of the reasons you listed. josh is top five in my mind and if he fought fedor 100 times(someone would die lol) hopefully he would get in shape and that gives him a decent chance. ill say he wins 30 times out of 100. josh is tough and well rounded. he is a more technical striker than fedor, and if he rocked fedor like fujita did josh would finish. fedor is the best but hes not 20 times better than everyone else!
7/28/07 4:07:25PM
Barnett has the right tools to beat Fedor, he's big strong wrestler with great subs. That being said I think Fedor's speed, strength and striking and balance would overcome those tools barnet has but u never know. Barnett is a great fighter.
7/28/07 4:19:03PM
I think the only fighter out there that could take Fedor is Gabe Rudiger. Mainly because he is so disciplined and trains so hard. Rudiger would probably win by knockout in the 2nd rd.
7/30/07 6:59:09PM
Barnett would win, hands down. Oh, hang on a second, it's time for my crazy pill.

Alright, I'm back. Yeah, like I said, Fedor would win.
9/30/07 1:58:07AM
Ah, another match that possible never be happen. Therefore I takes Fedor...we knows Barmett can find Fedor's lousy one mistake then he will capture it.

Dana...sign Josh and Fedor!

9/30/07 1:15:51PM
It is hard to bet against Fedor for any fight,. but IMO if there is one out there that has a chance at doing it, that guy would be Barnett.
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