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7/22/09 5:12:05PM
Some notes from a press conference Affliction had earlier regarding today's events:
No official new opponent for Fedor yet. They're talking to roughly 3 guys, Lashley is not one of them. Lashley reportedly was offered $500,000 for the fight. Lashley's team feels that big paydays are coming down the line, and that with Lashley being a rookie in the sport and with no camp and Lashley not training since the Sapp fight, he couldn't be close to ready to fight Fedor. Affliction still thinks they may be able to get Lashley with a stronger money offer.
It is rumored that the leading replacement candidate is Brett Rogers. Belfort is said to be second choice. The report that Belfort is the new opponent is from Shawn Tompkins of Xtreme Couture. On Rogers, Showtime and SF exec Scott Coker must approve the deal because Rogers is under contract to Strikeforce.

The event won't be postponed. Yeah, those rumors came up too.

Atencio hasn't spoken to Barnett. Awaiting test results from a second sample. If it's positive, Atencio says Barnett will never fight for Affliction again. (Sounds like Dana, doesn't he?)

Barnett has stated that he will not be licensed to fight, and that the June 25th drug test was not a random out of season test. He chose the day as he had to have a drug test to get a new license, since his previous one had expired. Barnett plans to appeal and is looking to clear his name.

The CSAC is to put out a statement later.
7/22/09 6:39:57PM
Barnett's drug test failure was caused by a metabolite (2a-methyl-5a-androstan- 3a-ol-17-one) of the anabolic steroid Drostanolone. No fine or suspension immediately announced. He has the right to appeal, and he will.

SF says no Werdum or Rogers vs. Fedor. They plan to keep Werdum on the 8/15 event and Rogers won't fight on 8/1.
7/22/09 6:48:00PM
WOW I don't even know what to say.

I'm betting the 2nd sample comes up positive to. I like Barnett as a fighter but rumors have been flying for a long time of him using and fact that he has past positives doesn't help his case. I can safely say this will pretty much end Barnett's fighting career in the US. This may even remove him from a lot of people rankings.

Now I can honestly say there isn't one fighter they could replace Barnett with that would interest me at this time. The only other fights that interest me for Fedor are in the UFC. Having Vitor fight Fedor is a joke as Vitor is a MW now. Rogers may be coming off a huge win but isn't ready for Fedor and wouldn't even be a competitive fight. The only other true top 10 out there is Overeem and he is injured.
7/22/09 6:50:16PM
Tito Ortiz anyone?

Ortiz stated recently that he wanted to fight Fedor. I say push back the event enough to allow Tito a 4-6 week training camp...push the event back to Sep, 1st or something.

Let Tito do his thing.
7/22/09 6:58:17PM

Posted by DCRage

If it's positive, Atencio says Barnett will never fight for Affliction again. (Sounds like Dana, doesn't he?)

Nobody will.

The fact that this is Barnett's second positive test does not help me believe him when he says that he has not used steroids. Unfortunate circumstances, and I do not think any replacement on such short notice will have the time to get into competitive shape for the best heavyweight in the world.

Since Overeem is injured, Werdum and Rogers are the only top fifteen fighters that could legitimately get into the ring with Fedor Emelianenko, but with Strikeforce coming up soon there is absolutely no way those fighters will be released by that organization to get beat up by Emelianenko.
7/22/09 7:08:32PM
The thing about this one is Barnett ruined the main event of a company struggling to make it. I'm not ready to pass judgment since it's in California though.
7/22/09 8:30:16PM

Posted by chitownsfinest15

This is why I am not a fan of affliction....this fight was scheduled months ago and always something dumb happens with this organization...i mean they are going to get either vitor or lashley to fight? i am glad i didnt purchase tickets to this fight at all because i would be majorly pissed if barnett vs fedor wasnt going to happen and instead i get to see fedor just beating someone...

Also this is why the UFC is the best organization...overeem is more than likely out of his strikforce title fight...now affliction has more problems...if i was fedor i would be pissed off and just sign wth the ufc and actually fight good opponents...

This is just blatant Affliction hate. Like the UFC has never had a title fight or a main card fight get scrapped due to injury or someone getting popped on drugs. Need I remind you of the dozens of fighters who have tested positive in the UFC or not made weight, or been injured in training camp, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.? All orgs must deal with this. To say that the UFC is immune because they are a superior organization is ignoring cold hard facts. Do the names Thiago Alves, Chris Leben, Sean Sherk, Hermes Franca or several others I could mention ring a bell?

If anything I'm glad that this all came out before the fight ever happened rather than later. That way we don't have to deal with the "what ifs" something like this always presents.

7/22/09 8:32:01PM
More Barnett news...

7/23/09 1:33:47AM
the guy is a cheater plain and simple god knows what he took those years in pride in japan
this fight might never happen now and he might get suspended for a year
7/23/09 5:20:53AM
I'll link to the article later when I have time, but read this morning that another potential opponent being considered is Tank Abbott. Seriously. Ah, the classic "Hogan Finger Poke Of Doom" scenario.

Edit: Link to article, comes from Dave Meltzer:

2nd edit: Don Frye has volunteereed to take the fight!
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