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4/29/09 10:21:26AM
Just heard Fedor won with an achilles lock at the M1 show, for anybody who was interested. It was a pretty good event, the UK team beat the Japanese team 4-1 with some awesome fights on show. They cut the stream for the Fedor Aoki match though. Turds.
4/29/09 10:29:36AM
Should've tried m-1global.com/en. They had a link to the live stream. Fedor-Aoki will be made available soon if it isn't already.

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4/29/09 10:43:37AM
Yeah I watched the official stream, they cut it out that aswell. Guess they must be planning on making a seperate show out of it or something. Sounds like Fedor dominated though.
4/29/09 10:53:31AM
I'm trying to remember where I read it, but that is the case. M-1 said something about wanting to make it available to everyone worldwide at the same time.

According to Sherdog, “Aoki took a tap from the Achilles tendon in the hold without changing the leaf color.” Loose translation from Japanese.
4/29/09 2:28:21PM
It's available on Monday. May 4th. Via M-1's official website
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