Fedor vs Andrei Arlovski Confirmed

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7/23/08 2:55:25PM
Fedor has stated that he will be fighting Andrei Arlovski in the next Affliction event.


DreamFighters.com has learned that Fedor Emelianenko has just recently made public his next fight with Affliction. Affliction, has yet to confirm, nor the other fighting party, but this comes from the mouth of Fedor Emelianenko.

The next Aflliction event is being prepared for November but we are trying to move it to October so I can have enough time to prepare for my other fight in Dream around December (NYE)''. For his next opponent, Fedor has been clear: It will be Andrei Arlovski. I still don't know who I am goign to fight in Dream ("Probally Mirko Crocop"), but I plan to fight Josh Barnett in March in USA.

Fedor has said:My next opponent is Andrei Arlovski

7/23/08 3:13:58PM

Great match-up. Barnett will be next after this. Personally, this is the one I was a tiny bit more interested in. Arlovski will surely last longer than Timmeh. Maybe he will actually throw a punch! But really, Arlovski has as good of a chance as anyone at this point.
7/23/08 4:38:53PM
Andrei's match with Fedor is going to be the best. Both guys are awsom. Concerning Barnett, I really dont see anything special about the guy, I got bored watching his Affliction event.
7/23/08 4:50:26PM

Posted by the_01

Andrei's match with Fedor is going to be the best. Both guys are awsom. Concerning Barnett, I really dont see anything special about the guy, I got bored watching his Affliction event.

Barnett should be the guy to fight Fedor next. Watch his first fight with Minotauro, just a beautiful match. He's definitely one of the top 4 heavyweights in the world right now.
7/23/08 5:41:34PM

AA for the WIN!!!!!
7/23/08 7:12:44PM
should be barnett really, that matchup should've happened years ago. I figured there was a good chance they give it to Arlovski because he's the more popular fighter though, which makes sense considering they're trying to build up their business.

I'm an arlovski fan. Have been since I saw him knocking fools out with his badass mouthpiece in his early UFC days. Unfortunately this is a really bad matchup for him. Junior World Sambo champ vs Ultimate Sambo Master of the Universe (official title). I think it's basically just another sambo match for fedor.
7/23/08 7:14:58PM
ROFL also those pictures look hilarious side by side. Arlovski looks like an insane vampire with 0% bodyfat and Fedor looks like he should be holding tongs standing in front of a barbecue at a family gathering. hahaha.
7/23/08 7:44:17PM
Good match making on Afflictions part. I don't see Fedor losing to Arlovski. I hope after this they make the Barnett fight happen. I see Fedor running 3 or 4 wins in a row against top 10 competition, putting to rest any doubt he is the best HW ever.
7/23/08 9:21:21PM
WOW!! I understand your emotions smiler! lol. WAR AA
as for barnett....... he acts like an ASS and i would love to see someone smash him.
7/23/08 10:06:16PM
I wish AA could win.....but Fedor isn't a human; he's a freakin' robot set to "kill" mode.
Fedor by KO
7/23/08 10:16:54PM
This should draw big ppv buys and I'm assuming another stacked card as well. Too bad Fedor will ko the pitbull in the first round. Should be exciting though. It's not gonna look good for dana after both his former heavyweight champs get demolished
7/23/08 11:18:56PM
I may be the only one....but

Arlvoski rnd 3 TKO
7/23/08 11:53:25PM
I don't understand how anyone can pick arlovski. Arlovski takes 3 rounds to finish Rothwell meanwhile Fedor rips tim sylvia apart in 30 seconds lol. They both practice the same Martial art as their primary discipline. Fedor is faster, hits harder, has better submissions, takedowns... everything.

Maybe andrei will win if he can turn into an actual werewolf but that's probably his only chance.
7/24/08 3:07:14AM
guess that means he wont be fighting randy anytime soon.. end of '09 if we lucky if it ever happens.
7/24/08 8:11:24PM
No way is fedor faster than AA!
7/24/08 8:19:21PM
Very excited about this fight. Can't wait.
7/25/08 9:46:50AM

Posted by GrizzlyChadams

Very excited about this fight. Can't wait.

Me too man. The wait is going to be killer.
7/25/08 10:29:17AM
Fedor by another mauling.
7/25/08 1:54:24PM

Posted by fedorwins1

Fedor by another mauling.

Actually i think this fight will be much closer than expected. At least a lot closer than Fedor's last "fight". Anyways if its kept standing i can def. see Andrei KOing him or at least catching him a few times and trying to put him away before he recovers, which usually does not take long for fedor. Either way its going to be a sick fight!
7/25/08 2:03:17PM
Fedor rushes, Fedor punches, Andrei get caught, Andrei goes down, Fight over.

Probably how it'l go. You heard it here first!
7/25/08 2:50:24PM
I think Barnett at this point has the best chance to beat fedor. I don't think Arlovski has much chance at all.
7/25/08 4:32:17PM
Arlovski is fighting out of Chicago therefore he will not be beaten in the first second.
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