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6/30/10 9:46:18AM

Fedor Emelianenko suffered his first defeat on Saturday June 26 2010 which will be viewed as more than just a loss; everyone will have their own opinion influencing other people’s opinions, in the end affecting the commotion Emelianenko’s loss to Fabricio Werdum will concoct. Let’s break the loss down; Fedor lost his Strikeforce HW belt via triangle choke to an experienced, talented Brazilian ju-jitsu, ADCC champion, not a lot of shame there. Fedor didn’t sustain any damage in the fight, coming out strong; dropping Werdum with a punch then Emelianenko proceeded with too much aggression and got caught in a submission. This is MMA and that scenario is frequently witnessed however, when it comes to Fedor’s single setback, it becomes magnified far beyond its means.
Fabricio lives on the ground, that’s his world unlike anyone Fedor has fought since Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira who Fedor beat but, that was in 2004, since then no one has threatened him on the ground. Werdum submitting the Last Emperor doesn’t deserve the hysteria that’s about to evolve, the shock is that Fedor fell victim to a submission from a BJJ expert which isn’t that shocking, if Werdum KO’d him with a high kick; that would’ve been a shock. This loss will affect so much more than just Fedor Emelianenko.
The rankings will change drastically in light of Fedor’s fumble especially amidst UFC’s Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin title bout next Saturday, in addition Anderson Silva Fights in August. Emelianenko’s first defeat slightly diminishes his mystic, stoic executioner presence although; it shouldn’t, as well as take away from his dollar worth to other interested parties, such as Dana White. Dana and UFC have lobbied to actualize Fedor in the UFC but, after Werdum’s success, the Russian isn’t the novelty he was, consequently not being as appeasing to Dana White or most UFC fans. Werdum celebrated rather unsportsmanlike by jumping out of the cage as if he just won 10 belts and the World Cup, I can understand his excitement still, he has to be humble in victory, Werdum could be in for a huge test in Alistair Overeem next or a rematch with Fedor.
The Last Emperor immediately noted that he would “love” a rematch with Fabrico even though the winner of their first fight is supposed to fight Overeem next, it doesn’t mean Fedor’s request will go unanswered. He has one fight left on his Strikeforce contract though, Fedor is represented by M-1, he has got his way at Strikeforce so far and now is the time Strikeforce can flex some muscle, take control of the contract with an offer such as Antonio Silva or there’s the option of a Werdum/ Emelianenko do over which doesn’t make sense. Strikeforce could do the unthinkable and have Fedor fight Overeem but, I don’t think they can make a mistake that bold.
Emelianenko isn’t out of options by any means, he could accept Antonio Silva, who I suspect he will fight next and defeat which definitely puts him in a better negotiating position as a free agent. Dana White could make him an offer that might be reasonable to M-1 now that Fedor has this scratch on his record or he might just stay with Strikeforce, there’s even been talk about retirement. Whatever the next step in the Fedor saga is, it will be blown out of proportion just like his loss to Werdum, fighters lose its part of the sport, its part of every sport
7/1/10 7:09:52PM
Fedor didn't lose his strikeforce belt. he hasn't even fought for the strikeforce belt. I agree though. I don't think the loss is that big of a deal.
7/1/10 7:21:33PM
And it wasn't even for the WAMMA Title either. Whoever is writing these "articles" needs to do some better research.
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