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10/20/08 1:20:41PM
I hear that Dana White wants Fedor in the UFC. Is that true?
Does Fedor even want to be in the UFC?
10/20/08 2:00:48PM
Not happening if they can't get Fedor to sign an "exclusive contract". That would mean no fighting for anyone else, no sambo tourneys in Russia (big sticking point), and no NYE in Japan unless UFC ran an event there. And UFC probably wouldn't pay him enough.
10/20/08 2:31:08PM
im still surprised there is no fedor in the ufc thread

can put it right next to the ufc/pride thread & they can snuggle up together & be good long pals
10/20/08 2:42:32PM
well i would think white would want him but not fedor probonly wont sing a long term contract cuz he wants to fight everywhere but i could be wrong
10/20/08 2:50:13PM
Since you seem new here, here's some info from a previous post I made:

EDIT: This is from sometime just after signing with M-1/Affliction when we thought he might be coming to the UFC

Not signing with the UFC:
I wish Fedor was in the UFC as much as any of you. The following s from Fedor's interviews. He's never been accused of dishonesty, so I have no reason to not believe him. Considering the terms of the contract, I understand why he isn't in the UFC:

- No combat sambo. Forget that he's the defending world champ of his beloved national sport. and it's only once a year. I actually agree with the UFC on this one. It's not sambo, which is similar to ADCC. It's combat sambo. It's too close MMA.

- No Red Devil package deal. Once again I can see the UFC's side. Sure it's happened before. (Serra / Scarola, Franklin / Gurgel among many others) but it shouldn't be guaranteed. UFC has the right to choose who fights for them.

The rest is BS. Without the UFC's pre-approval, he:
- Can't give ANY interviews
- Can't appear in TV or film
- Can't do any sponsorships or advertisement
- He can be released if he loses one fight
- He had to fight 8 times in two years
- If he is undefeated at the end of his contract, he gets automatically extended for an UNSPECIFIED amount of time, at the SAME compensation
So basically he can never leave unless he loses. And no bump in pay unless Dana fells like it. The UFC talked down to and disrespectfully to his agents Both publicly, and according to Fedor, privately as well. Additionally, they had come to terms and had a verbal agreement, only to receive a totally different contract in the mail.

Granted, a lot of this stuff is standard UFC contracts, but Fedor obviously has some problems with that.

And as many have said, there isn't a whole lot of HW talent left in the UFC

This type of comments from Dana (in the past) doesn't help:
10/20/08 3:03:37PM

Posted by Manfred

This type of comments from Dana (in the past) doesn't help:

<img src="http://i36.tinypic.com/mvkyu9.gif[/IMG}

was he smokin crack when he said that?
10/20/08 3:10:02PM
^ No, just pissed he couldn't sign him
10/21/08 3:04:01AM
i guess we will find out if Randy is still good when he fights next, but i really have a hard time believing that Fedor wants the Couture fight as much as Randy does. of course Randy wants it to secure his legacy but i think Fedor knows that he would murder Randy, and becuase of that he really doesn't care one way or another. i love Randy, but despite popular belief, their are better fighters for Fedor to fight than Couture, and becuase of that i would be surprised if Fedor really pushed for himself to get into the UFC, unless Affliction goes under.
10/21/08 1:17:38PM
I think Fedor and Randy will meet outside UFC.

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