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POLL: Who will go down
Clay Guida 43% (3)
Diaz-Cerrone Losser 0% (0)
Maynard 0% (0)
Pettis-Lauzon winner/losser 0% (0)
Edgar if he loss 29% (2)
other ( specify in your comment ) 29% (2)
12/30/11 5:12:10AM
The first UFC championship is in the featherweight division but there is no clean path for the next title shot for the title..

I am smelling a good move from the UFC.. I think, someone from Lightweight will go down to 145 to get a shot at Aldo but who do you think will go down?

I am hoping for Guida to get down because I believe that Aldo and Guida will be a good scrap!!
12/30/11 7:32:20AM
I would say Edgar or Guida, Diaz defoe wont, he hates cutting to 155!
12/30/11 8:48:17AM
A few of those guys would never be able to make weight at 145. Eventually I want to see Edgar and Aldo fight. Whether that be for Aldo's belt or Edgar's I don't care.
12/30/11 9:55:52AM
Already writing off Money Mendes?

I don't think personally that a LW moving down would be next in line for the FW title. Any of those guys would have to get a win or two before a title shot. Since all of those guys are coming off losses. Guida would probably be the most logical.

The current FW division, has a few guys that can challenge next also, if they win a fight or two more in Hioki, Korean Zombie, Poirier, and Koch.
12/30/11 10:11:30AM
If Pearson beats Junior Assuncao, I would like to see him fight Bart P, the winner of that fight could also be a possible contender.
12/30/11 10:49:29AM
Guida is the only one that would drop in weight. Other guys couldn't and Edgar is the champ.

Plus if any of those guys drop to FW, they aren't going to get a title shot anytime soon b/c they are probably on a losing streak otherwise they wouldn't have dropped down.
12/30/11 11:56:18AM
I don't see any of them moving down. I don't think any of them would like to cut to 145. I think its a chore already for them to cut to 155.
With that said. I think Mendes gives Aldo a run for his money.
There also a few waiting in the wings.
Koch, Poirier, Korean Zombie.....I think they all have a bright future
12/30/11 8:33:18PM
yea i didnt vote. i cant think of anybody that needs to move down. guida maybe but i dont really even think thats necessary. hes doing fine at LW. we'll see when mendes takes the title from jose
12/31/11 12:56:32AM
If edgar loses he will jump to front of line for title shot

But I would like to see poirier vs korean zombie for next title shot.

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