UFC featherweight contender Diego Nunes has left Nova Uniao

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1/8/13 10:50:11PM
UFC featherweight contender Diego Nunes (18-3) has left the Nova Uniao camp in Brazil after (understandably) playing second fiddle to reigning division champion Jose Aldo, according to SporTV. "The Gun" will try to unload on Nik Lentz later this month at UFC on FX 7 in Sao Paulo, but does folding the tent on "The Carny" put him on the fast track to a 145-pound title fight? Or too soon?

1/8/13 11:01:33PM
Not a good move imo. Nova Uniao rules the 145 division and under right now.
1/8/13 11:36:26PM
I thought he left way back in March or something before the Siver fight because he went to train at black house for it and they kicked him out. Almost certain I heard something like that.
1/8/13 11:37:25PM
could this be a temporary move so that the "I won't fight a teammate" excuse won't be used in the event Nunes fights Aldo for the title?
1/9/13 1:15:51AM
Call me nuts and all but I see this as a positive. Most guys don't have the best performance their first fight after a camp switch, but two or three fights later as they put everything together...that's when you can see some good improvements. A fresh perspective and new training partners is usually good for a fighter.