UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo Unhurt In Minor Motorcycle Accident

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9/3/12 4:26:41PM
UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo was involved in a minor motorcycle accident in Brazil on Saturday, but was unhurt. According to a Fighters Only article, the incident actually led to a somewhat amusing conclusion - Nova Uniao coach Andre Pederneiras asked Aldo to only take taxis until his October 13th title defense against Frankie Edgar at UFC 153. Here's what Fighters Only had to say:

The fighter was riding on Copacabana towards his home in Barrio do Flamengo when a Citroen suddenly turned the corner and hit his motorcycle. The motorist stopped to help him and was surprised when the passersby began to ask for autographs.


Team mates Luis Ramos and Alexandre Baixinho, who live close to the place where "Scarface" was involved in the car crash, showed up immediately and took Aldo to the gym for a meet with head coach Andre Pederneiras.

After checking that everything was OK with Jose, "Dede" recommended his athlete only to take taxis until October 13th, the date in which he will face off Frankie Edgar.

Later that day, Aldo led his beach soccer team back from a 2-0 halftime deficit by scoring a hat trick in the second half to claim a 3-2 victory. So he's perfectly fine. Still a scary incident though.

9/3/12 4:50:27PM

At least Aldo is ok. I sure don't like thinking about how a motorcycle accident could affect someone with a history of back injury. Aldo is a great fighter, and seems like a laid back champ. Hopefully he can stay healthy and successful for as long as possible.
9/3/12 5:12:10PM
Can nothing beat Jose Aldo!?
9/3/12 5:36:24PM
I'm glad Jose Aldo is okay.
It would've been terrible if he had suffered a serious injury and would have had to miss UFC 153 against Frankie Edgar.
I don't know about the majority of you guys but I am far more interested in Aldo vs. Edgar than I am about Aldo vs Koch.
We have 2 top 10 P4P guys going at it for the belt. This is great match making. Even though Edgar is riding a 2 fight losing streak. His last loss was very controversial to say the least.
And both of these 2 guys are in my top 10 favorite fighters, so I gotta make up my mind on who I'll be routing for.
I believe Aldo opened up as a 2-1 favorite over Edgar. This is gonna be a War. Can't wait.
9/4/12 12:06:18AM
Would be funny if he pulls out of the fight next week on doctors orders
9/4/12 9:44:46AM
That's a huge relief for two reasons. First, a young man has avoided death during an accident that has claimed many. Second, my own selfish reasons aka Aldo vs Edgar
9/5/12 2:02:12AM

Posted by SamPan

Can nothing beat Jose Aldo!?

To answer your ? - - - SEE the UFC LW division
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