12/27/11 8:41:48PM
Boxing have many feared boxers, Sergio Martinez, Maidana, Salido and many more..

How about in MMA??

My top 3.

3. Chael Sonnen: Just for a simple reason( my opinion) that the number 1 POUND FOR POUND MMA FIGHTER IS AFRAID OF HIM!!
2. Kampmann
3. Fitch

12/27/11 8:46:06PM
Agree with Uncle Chael & Fitch.....not Kampman though, all you have to do is go the distance with Martin and the judges will screw him over 9/10 times.
12/27/11 9:09:03PM
Jon Fitch - because everyone knows what's coming (his wrestling)
Dan Henderson - because everyone knows what's coming (his right hand)
Jose Aldo - Because everyone knows what's coming (devastating punches/knees/kicks)
12/27/11 9:29:12PM
3. Dan Henderson
2. Chael Sonnen
1. Jon Jones


5. Rampage
4. Cro Cop
3. Fedor
2. Chuck Liddell
1. Wanderlei Silva
12/27/11 9:35:42PM
Kongo is probably the scariest looking, so I think people would fear him with his size.

Also Carwin with those bombs he throws
12/27/11 11:21:21PM
no contest.
Clearly the most feared fighter is: Andy Wang
12/27/11 11:51:09PM
id have to say currently.....

chael- with all the funny shit he says and all the shit talking we've heard from him, he has time and time again followed through with his game plan of relentless pressure and GnP. now after the stann fight, it appears he's got sub's now too.

others would be A. silva, jones, cerrone, bendo, hendo, and nick diaz because after all his shit talking, if the other guy losees, that makes it much much worse

of all time....

royce, shamrock's, crocop, fedor, wandy, chuck, rampage. remember that ken shamrock was badass back in the early days of the sport.

12/28/11 1:24:48AM

12/28/11 4:13:43PM
My assessment, by division

Flyweight - Ian McCall

This is a dude I was overlooking last year. I am sure I was not alone, and I think some still are overlooking him. He has been making noise at Flyweight, most notably with his win over former #1 ranked Jussier Da Silva. Following that performance, he finished the Tachi Palace Fights champ Darrel Montague (spelling?) to win the TPF title. He is a true dark horse, and I am sure there are some fighters not wanting to step to him right now.

Bantamweight - Renan Pegado

Certainly "Barao" and his obliteration of Brad Pickett have other 135'ers shaking in their boots. He's on a ridiculous win streak, as he only lost his first fight. I think he's 27-1 right now... There are some great prospects in the division right now, but Barao has got to be feared.

Featherweight - Jose Aldo

Really no explanation needed for this one. Aldo decimated his foes in the WEC, and has decisively won his first two UFC fights as the first UFC Featherweight Champion. I don't see anyone ending Aldo's reign anytime soon.

Lightweight - Nate Diaz

His boxing looks better every fight, and he probably has the best BJJ in his class. He apparently can't be KO'ed, and was only subbed once, very early in his career against a Hermes Franca that was arguably in his prime. I say Nate is the most feared fighter because no one wants to fight him. His opponents just lay and pray or wall and stall and try to avoid the fight and steal rounds.

Welterweight - Nick Diaz

Description reads pretty much the same as Nate's. Nick was TKO'ed very early in his career, and lost probably due to lack of experience and composure. He got his revenge by beating that guy twice. He had a TKO stoppage due to cuts, also avenged. He hasn't lost in years. He apparently cannot be knocked out cold. His boxing and BJJ are probably better than anyone else's. The only thing he doesn't excel at is wrestling, which is why people have been able to stall him and avoid a fight and win rounds against him. However, Nick stuffed more of BJ Penn's takedowns in their fight than Jon Fitch could against BJ... So maybe his work with Chael Sonnen is paying off.

Middleweight - Anderson Silva

Anderson has had few challenges in the UFC. The opponents who had the best chance of beating him, he finished. Anderson has massacred just about everyone, and I don't see many guys who really, genuinely want to fight him. Besides Chael Sonnen, most fighters recognize they are out of his league.

Light Heavyweight - Jon Jones

Easy call. Forrest Griffin was ducking him before he even beat Bader. Anderson Silva said he was done with LHW after seeing what Jon Jones was doing. Silva lumped him in the "friends he won't fight" category with Machida real quick. This is another dude you don't see people in a rush to challenge, and with good cause. Jones may claim to be a ChrIstian, but it looks like he is sacrificing babies to Satan when he fights...

Heavyweight - Junior Dos Santos

I don't know why anyone would NOT be afraid of this man. He has fought the biggest, baddest, scariest dudes and ripped their buttholes with force. He's the best boxer in the division, and he has great power. Allegedly he has a great ground game too, training with the Blackhouse squad. However, I don't recall ever seeing that ground game. If I remember, he fought Shane Carwin and Cain Velasquez, and neither could get him down. He can take a licking too, Carwin tagged him a bit and Junior seemed to be unaffected, which is insane.
12/29/11 1:22:56AM
@ pmoney - clearly you put a lot of time into your post and it looks great. For me it depends on what you mean by fear, fear that you are going to be defeated or fear that you are going to take a lot of damage? While I like your list, if we're talking about fear of just getting dominated and hurt simultaneously, I have to disagree with a few, starting with Nate Diaz at LW. To be honest I'm not quite sure who I'd pick, but I know I'd probably have Cerrone ranked ahead of him. I could give you Nick Diaz at WW given GSP is injured though, mainly because of what he did to BJ. Silva I agree with for sure. I might also throw Vitor in there, as he scares anyone but Silva. Definitely agree with Jon Jones, although there are a lot of scary dudes at LHW. And lastly, I'd have to go with Brock at HW over JDS. I know JDS throws the leather, but I think more fighters are afraid of Brock. For evidence of this, look at Nelson vs JDS, and then look at Lesnar vs Mir (I and II) and Herring. Those guys were terrified of Brock, even when Mir won the first match he admitted being afraid of Brock. That's why I've got to go with Brock for sure, nobody scarier than that guy IMHO, period.
12/29/11 2:25:00AM
It's gotta be Kongo, that dude just looks plain scary.
12/29/11 8:37:55AM
I'd be scared of fighting any professional with a solid chin, a great ground game and cardio.
12/29/11 12:25:08PM
I gotta say anderson silva, aldo, belfort , w silva
Brazilian fighters in general!
12/29/11 2:04:40PM
For me, strikers aren't very scary. Sure they would demolish me, but unless you get your orbital shattered or something, a knockout is not so bad, you basically just wake up and aren't sure what happened.

What really scares me is submissions that attack your joints. I would be far, far more terrified to fight Palhares than just about anyone I can think of. Palhares, Aoki, Mir, and Maia. These are the kind of fighters I would be scared to face.

I'd gladly take an Anderson Silva front kick to the face for like 100 grand, I would be really hesitant to let Palhares put me in a heel hook for any amount of money.
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