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11/25/12 11:59:52AM
Got more replies than I originally thought so what's you guys's favourite technique whilst sparring?

Striking wise I love throwing a fake axe kick aiming to go over the head of the opponent then watching there guard follow the kick, then following with a left right combo when there guards down.

Grappling, can't ever stop trying for that triangle choke. Hate when they escape it but there's no greater pleasure than catching a guy (even better for a girl) in a triangle after they've taken you down.
11/25/12 12:11:49PM
striking technique: level changing/fake shots. i like up and down movement and faking the shot in order to open up punches or head kicks. i KO'd somebody with a head kick off a fake shot once and its been a favorite technique ever since.

grappling technique: baseball slide pass. its my go to pass and its is very hard to stop. its very simple and you can watch some of the highest level BJJ guys in the world use this pass still.
Honorable mention: bating people into attempting a Kimora and then trapping the bottom arm with my other hand, then pass and GnP in their half guard while one of their arms are trapped underneath them.
11/25/12 12:45:11PM
Favorite striking technique for me would have to be my almost leaping right hook. I was inspired by Roy Jones Jr. .

Definitely fits into my boxing style. However I don't throw it often. I'll fake an outside leg kick and if I see your going to check it its coming

Grappling is my specialty and I'd have to say my double-leg is above average. Feint a few punches an I'm there in an instant.

Throwing however has to be my favorite grappling technique. I'm very technical and know how to use my weight as leverage very very well
11/25/12 1:08:18PM
Low Kicks and sweeps from my back
11/25/12 1:46:04PM
Scissor sweep aka ol' reliable, D'arce choke, and Peruvian Necktie
11/25/12 2:35:01PM
ape technique
11/25/12 2:43:01PM

Posted by SpiderSilva

ape technique

Keith Jardine Style or GSP?
11/25/12 2:55:51PM
Striking- Drunken Overhand Right
Grappling technique- D'arce/Gator Rolls/Mission Control.
11/25/12 3:23:47PM
Favorite striking technique: Whatever I can get, probably upward elbow to face rake

As for grappling, gotta love a successful pendulum sweep!

11/25/12 4:23:57PM
11/25/12 4:31:06PM
Striking - - straight left
Grappling - - me putting my opponent on their ass
11/25/12 5:20:28PM

Posted by Chael_Sonnen

Striking - - straight left
Grappling - - me putting my opponent on their ass

I didn't think your favourite technique would be triangle defence
11/25/12 6:32:11PM
I like high crotch singles, americanas, and head and arm triangle chokes.....obviously I don't like being on my back.
Striking wise I have a great slip right elbow from over under clinches, good lead left hook, and my ole faithfull is a straight right......I am more of a bread and butter guy. Keep it simple because I don't fight competitively.
11/26/12 9:30:57AM

Posted by jjeans

Posted by SpiderSilva

ape technique

Keith Jardine Style or GSP?

GSP!!!! HAHA you get it!
11/26/12 8:40:00PM
Striking would be a close call between Muay Thai elbow and uppercuts. Elbow because of the power you can put behind them, Uppercuts because they never see them coming.

Grappling would have to be the triangle, I have long legs and once they are in, I can pummel them while they choke. Honorable mention to Kimura, as it's so easy and quick.
11/27/12 12:49:53AM
My favorite striking technique has changed so much over the years. When I first started training and sparring I probably had about as much power striking as Ben Askren with the only thing that I had that was a real threat being a spinning back fist. I've evolved a ton since then though. I do still love the spinning back fist, but I don't use it near as often because I don't have to. I LOVE leg kicks and my striking is incredibly tooled toward abusing them and using them often. But since I don't want to say my favorite strike is something that has virtually no chance of KOing somebody, I'd say it's either an over hand right or right hook. I KOd a dude once in sparring with a right hook and was like "Dude! I didn't know I had that kind of power" and fell in love with it.

Grappling I'd have to say armbar set up by a triangle choke. I love that set up. I throw up a triangle and start making adjustments to sink it in and as soon as they start to adjust I throw my hips over and turn it into an armbar. I have a pretty high success rate with that set up. I also enjoy the guillotine choke. I am really quick sinking it in when people shoot on me.
12/29/12 3:22:30PM
1/13/13 6:05:31PM
Striking - I like to throw an overhand right (stepping forward with my left leg) and once I've thrown that I throw a headkick with the left. Use it lots when my partners/opponent back up towards to cage.

Grappling - I like to use a hip throw, get side mount and go right into the crucifix.
1/14/13 6:01:55PM
Striking- I throw a lot of leg kicks to start and finish combos so I really like getting guys to think about that and then fake a left low kick to go straight into a spinning right back fist.

Grappling- I love attempting the kneebar from half guard just like Jim Miller but the key word is attempting My favourite technique that I manage to actually get results from is the omoplata
1/16/13 6:12:50AM
a good clean leg kick just above the knee....I've also been practising my flying knee's...not that your allowed to do that in sparring but i've got the technique down pretty good now....just need someone to land it on......
1/28/13 8:31:56AM
Arm Triangle from bottom guard. Works best if you are a long lanky guy like me. Shorter dudes usually got to scoot out to the side a bit to nail it
3/4/13 8:16:45PM
Grappling Technique: Arm Drag with a Hip Drop, the level change is so drastic that it really catches your opponent by surprises. I normally get a takedown or back control off of it!!!
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