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4/5/08 5:23:07PM
Out of HW, LHW, MW, WW and LW which is you favourite division to watch?
4/5/08 5:31:00PM
I like the light weights and welter weights
4/5/08 5:34:46PM
Light Heavy's i would say, The keep a good pace, and ,and most are well diversified. IMO unlike the LW's, which is 90% wresteler with bad stand up, still they are very exciting, and keep the best pace at of all divisions. HW and WW are tied for me.

IMO middleweights should logically be the choice, the still are pretty big, they also got the power, they are at the middle of everything, speed of the LW's and Power of the HW's, get what im saying??? but for some reason the middle weight division have produced far less big names than any other divisions out there. I'd say its the people fault, either they are born to big or too small.
4/5/08 5:36:37PM
The lightweights. The only boring lightweight fight I have seen in the UFC is Sherk/Franca. Other then that their fights are freakin crazy.
4/5/08 5:42:47PM
LW/WW - Small quick guys in stacked divisions. Fighting with full hearts.

LHW - Such a stacked division, so many potential contenders, but there can only be one.
4/5/08 5:44:05PM

Posted by chubbud22

I like the light weights and welter weights

more action imo
4/5/08 5:55:13PM
well going by recent memory...i would have to say LW. it is the furious pace, the speed of the strikes, the wrestling transitions and explosiveness. Huerta v Guida, Griffin v Guida, Griffin v Edgar, Diaz v Gomi, Huerta v Garcia, Stout v Fisher, and even Florian v Lauzon were all amazing fights that will be remembered for a while (at least for me). i just love the explosiveness of the fighters, it is unmatched in any other division that we can choose from. add BJ Penn to the mix along with the ongoing Dream LW Grand Prix the LW division will continue to produce exciting fights.

also, HW is my least favorite to watch. the pace is too slow, most of the time the two fighters gas early and throw sloppy strikes and also the lack of quality match ups of late hinders my viewing pleasure. i guess pace really effects how well i like to watch the fight, and for me LW is the best and HW is the worst in that category.
4/5/08 7:07:53PM
4/5/08 8:10:48PM
HW is probably the only division that doesn't really do it for me. There are good fights here and there, but not that often IMO.

All the other divisions are pretty much the same. Each have their good days and bad days.
4/5/08 8:15:35PM
LHW it my favorite. As much as I like seeing slick subs pulled off, there is nothing quite like a big KO.
4/5/08 10:17:27PM
i love LW and WW at the moment, so much talent in each division, and you just dont know whats going to happen
4/5/08 10:17:57PM

Posted by Taylor8766

Out of HW, LHW, MW, WW and LW which is you favourite division to watch?

In order...

- MW
- WW
- LW
- every other weight class (FW, BW, etc.)
- commercials
- HW
4/5/08 10:37:26PM
For me its the Light Heavyweights and the Lightweights. In my opinion they are the two most stacked divisions and all of the fights are really good.
4/6/08 1:41:18AM
If you throw the state of the division(the talent within it) aside and talk about the fighters movements ko power excitement etc

I say welterweights and light heavyweights.

Most people say lightweights but I like the WWs because they still have the one or two punch ko power and a fair amount of stamina.

LHW are great because all they are really are undersized heavyweights with just a little less power. The athleticism is higher and the one hitter quitters are very much there.

Bantamweight is my third because of the technical skills and nonstop action. 135 is just plain fun. You can have a high pace for 5 freakin rounds, i'm in.

HW------ Just doesn't excite.
4/6/08 2:11:36AM
LHW, this division contains the most amount of quality fighters who represent different styles.

LW and WW are wrestler dominated.

MW just isnt exciting to me much, no ones on that upper echelon of skill besides 2 people.

LHW, you have Top class: Muay Thai/BJJ artists(shogun, wandy, thiago), Kickboxer/Wrestler(Jardine, Liddell, Evans), Boxer/wrestlers(Rampage, Forrest), Wrestler/BJJ(Arona), Boxer/BJJ(Nogueira), Karate FFS!(machida), Judoka/kickboxer(Sokoudjou)

Practically everyone brings something different, which in my opinion is why its the deepest and hardest weight class to conquer. Some style match-up in there is going to have your number, regardless of how good you are.

and HW is slow lol.
4/6/08 9:32:17AM
LHW for sure such a stacked division
4/6/08 9:42:54AM
Lightweights man. quick and fast paced fights.
4/6/08 10:18:23AM
LHW - Most of the games top names are in this class(Rua, Wandy, Henderson, Liddell, Rampage, Ortiz etc. all at one point ranked number 1.) This division has the most controversy(sp?) and some of the best and most anticipated fights ever.

then MW, LW, HW, WW
4/6/08 10:53:59AM
LW never seems to have a slow boring fight
4/6/08 11:01:15AM

Posted by mrliquid

LW never seems to have a slow boring fight

Tavares vs. Omigawa
4/6/08 5:06:59PM
It'll always be the HW division for me.
I only cared about HW division when I'd watch boxing, hell.. I only cared about the HW division when i'd Pro Wrestling, and ever since I got into MMA, even though the "quality" of the fights appears slow and uneventful, ill always a die hard HW fan.

So to answer the question, my fav. division no doubt is the heavyweight division.
4/6/08 9:22:04PM
Me personally I like the LHW divison, its such a stacked division and you know that every fighter is coming into there fights prepared cus their opponent is such a hge test. Also like the WW division alot as well.
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