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1/27/09 1:46:31PM

Posted by jakeiceman

Posted by ThaAxeMurderer7

I'm going to go with Serra over GSP. All I could do was laugh because I was in such shock. Soko over Lil Nog was another one that comes to mind.

I'm with you on Serra over GSP. One of my best friends is the biggest GSP fan ever and an annoying one at that. He is always running his mouth and texts me four times a day leading up to a GSP fight just to stir up the ****. I remember, everyone was sitting on the couch except for him because he got up to get a beer out of the fridge, by the time he got back Serra was on top of GSP pounding him out. His eyes went blank and his mouth fell open. All I could do is laugh until I cried.

Thank you for the joy you have brought me Matt Serra.

This to is my favorite upset, because one GSP fan on here must have been gutted.
1/27/09 6:36:32PM
For Me,I'd have to say,Gonzaga defeating Cro Cop.I wasn't expecting that one.
1/27/09 6:52:34PM
Henderson over Wand.
1/27/09 10:01:18PM
any fight that Ross pionton won =)

Takanori Gomi vs Satoru Kitaoka
1/30/09 1:54:32AM
My favourite Amir over CB.
The biggest Serra over GSP.

Weirdest Diaz over Gomi. It was an amazing fight but my question about it is why did none of the medical professionals stop Diaz from fighting if he was clearly baked outof his tree at the fight. Probably one of the best fights I have ever seen.
1/30/09 2:10:01AM

Posted by The_Ho_Bag

any fight that Ross pionton won =)

Takanori Gomi vs Satoru Kitaoka

1/30/09 5:55:04AM

Posted by Wolfenstein

Gonzaga over Cro Cop.

It was sick. I expected CC to come to the UFC and tear things up. Boy o boy was I ever wrong on that one
1/30/09 11:29:01AM
Gonzaga/Cro Cop

...in that order. I ranked the Serra/GSP fight last because...*gasp*...I didn't get to watch the fight until I already knew the outcome.
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