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9/4/08 4:27:13PM
Now when I mean your favorite undercard fighters I mean fighters that you think are cool but are overall not champion, no. 1 contender, ect material. you like them for one reason or another. Here's my list just so you can get a grasp of who counts as an undercard guy.

1. Rich Clementi
2. Rob Yundt (I don't know why I just thought he was cool)
3. Luke Cummo
4. Dong Sik Yoon
5. Eddie Sanchez (mostly because he was ballsy enough to take the Cro Cop fight)
9/4/08 4:30:22PM
without a doubt Clementi. he has great submissions and he always is in a good fight.
9/4/08 4:35:40PM
Antoni Hardonk & Akiyama & McFedries

9/4/08 5:02:06PM
Antoni Hardonk - Want to see him brutally KO someone.

9/4/08 5:23:15PM
for me it has to be rich clementi he has a ton of experience plus great ground skils, and is a very underrated fighter imo.
9/4/08 6:04:42PM
i like clementi, but also chonan pellegrino, cummo, mcfedries & jeremy stephens
9/4/08 6:13:59PM
no clementi here, i really cant stand the guy, but he has been on a tear of late. hardonk is on my short list, he just always seems one punch away from a KO, AJ is growing on me, so is cummo. guillard has all this potential and im always waiting to see him make good on it, although im not a fan of his personality. eric schafer is a big favorite of mine as hes a local guy, and honestly one of the nicest guys ive ever met. really a funny dude too, hes a drinker(hes from milwaukee, everyone here is) and is not what you expect a fighter to be at all, in fact im not sure hes ever had a fist fight outside of a ring or cage. i guess you could put guida on this list too, although i like to think that hes better than an undercard guy.
9/4/08 7:07:48PM
1.Rich Clementi
2.Antoni Hardonk
3.Cole Miller
4.Sam Stout
5.Tamden McCrory
9/4/08 8:05:09PM
Tim Boetsch,Kurt Pellegrino,Sam Stout,Cole Miller
9/4/08 8:30:51PM
Gabe Ruediger
9/4/08 9:03:21PM
I'm going to go with Andy Wang.
9/4/08 10:39:50PM

Posted by Kpro

Gabe Ruediger

I love Gabe just for his name. Its so catchy
9/4/08 10:47:22PM
Luke Cummo FTW
9/5/08 10:26:18AM
sam stout for sure
9/6/08 7:32:20PM
I like Marcus Aurelio alot. Tied for fastest submission and that was cool. And he wasn't before but now he will probably be an undercard fighter now that he is in the ufc but matt horwich. I like Mccory too.
9/6/08 9:03:46PM
Maximus was always an undercarder in UFC, the Cage really hates his style.
9/7/08 12:45:51AM
i would have to say my favorites are
Rich Clementi
Chris Lytle
George Gurjel(sp) win or lose he puts it al out there
Matt Brown (will be on a lot of undercards in the near future) He is super tough and has decnet skills
Gorjan Reljic(sp) This dude has some serious stand up and will be in the mix very soon if not after his next fight
And with only one fight...which was an undercard fght...Rory Markham is going to be fastest climber of the bunch. He has potential and will produce.
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