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7/6/07 4:33:44PM
Who is your favorite Ultimate Fighter Winner.
7/6/07 4:34:59PM
Matt Serra. Class act all the way.
7/6/07 5:00:52PM
I never cared for Joe Stevenson, but he has grown on me a lot over the last year. So.... Joe
7/6/07 5:18:13PM
Rashad Evans.

People complain about his non finishing ways on the show but he fought more than any guy there, and when he tooled Whitehead to the point Hughes was throwing a fit he had me on my feet. That Imes fight was cool too... he stood there and traded with a real heavyweight. Amazing.
7/6/07 5:52:13PM
joe stevenson and forest
7/6/07 6:25:18PM
Michael Bisping prolly just cus he was a cool badass on the show.
7/6/07 6:28:21PM
Matt Serra or Travis Lutter
7/6/07 11:46:35PM
gotta love the terror serra. i mean come in, he seems like the nicest guy in the world.couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy.........i really, really hope that he beats hughs.
7/6/07 11:57:54PM
Matt Serra is my favorite ultimate fighter winner.
7/6/07 11:57:55PM
Kendall keeps growing on me, hated him at the beginning of the show, one of my favorite fighters by the end
7/7/07 12:07:17AM
Matt Serra, hands down.
7/7/07 12:30:08AM
if i had to rank them it would go:
but i like pretty much all of them except for kendall
7/7/07 12:38:03AM
Serra, followed closely by Bisping
7/7/07 12:44:38AM
Personality wise, definitely Forrest.
7/7/07 1:04:48AM
forrest and matt serra
7/7/07 3:02:01AM
my order
1. Kendall
2. Forrest
3. Nate
4. Bisping
5. Diego
6. Joe
7. Rashad
8. Serra
7/7/07 9:08:57AM
7/17/07 8:27:13AM
Forrest and serra
7/17/07 10:16:05AM
Rashad Evans
7/17/07 11:01:20AM
Forrest Griffin, Rashad and Bisping
7/17/07 2:25:54PM
7/17/07 3:26:17PM
Travis Lutter!!!!.........Just Kidding my fav is either Diego or Kendall Grove
7/18/07 12:51:30AM

Michael Bisping prolly just cus he was a cool badass on the show
Matt the hammer Hamill because he should of one but we will find out when he fights bisping.
7/18/07 6:23:35AM
Joe Stevenson because I met him at a Pankration fight I was in and he was the nicest guy, he was also yelling at me during my fight to do stuff haha.

Nate Diaz is pretty cool though as well.
7/18/07 9:34:03AM
The BRIT!!!!!!!!thats bisping for you "other" people.
7/18/07 12:26:04PM

He was the ultimate Englishman on the show, a proper cheeky chappy!
7/18/07 12:46:53PM
Hmm... Good question... I rather like all of them, actually. The show itself has had its ups and downs, but TUF has provided a lot of good fighters for the UFC.

My favorites of the winners:

1. Forrest Griffin. Seems like a wacky guy, in and out of the Octagon, and despite the clocking by Jardine I still think he can be a contender.
2. Matt Serra. "Hammafistelbow!" Don't tell him I said so, but I kind of hope he loses to Hughes and goes back to 155. I'd love to see him take on Sean Sherk and B.J. Penn and all the other guys.
3. Rashad Evans. He exceeds my expectations literally with every fight.
4. Joe Stevenson. Gained a lot of points for folding up Melvin "Blowhard" Guillard like a tent. Seems like a good guy and a potential contender.
5. Michael Bisping. Cool accent, good nickname, good writer and, oh yeah, he can fight a little too.
6. Diego Sanchez. I was horribly disappointed with his effort against Koscheck, but I think he'll bounce back.
7. Nate Diaz. I normally like Parisyan, but I thought he was being kind of a jackass.
8. Kendall Grove. I don't have a strong opinion on him yet. He's proven to be a better fighter than I expected, but I don't know if he's a potential contender. I am looking forward to a rematch with Ed Herman, though.
9. Travis Lutter. Like Grove, I don't dislike him. Just kind of "meh", I guess.
7/18/07 2:17:58PM
Forrest Griffin
-He gave us the most exciting finale ever in a TUF series, plus he had me laughing at him the entire first season. Doesnt he look like a monkey.

The worst TUF winners:
Nate Diaz
-Why is he so angry??? and what a punk for taking the writing on the wall so personal and setting off the rest of the team. He is just a a talented punk.

Matt Serra
-I liked him alot the first couple episodes but the more i heard his voice the more he started to annoy me. Then his fight with chris lytle was horrible and was so even it could of gone either way, i know he had controll the entire time but still, then he starts talking crap about Matt Hughes, and after all that he Starts talking crap about GSP. I hope he gets destroyed by Hughes.
7/19/07 1:58:04AM
for me it would have to be Forrest and Rashad... i wanted both of them to win during the show Forrest for just his personnality and Rashad becuz everyone doubted him in every fight. also he always reminds me of my best friends who's locked up right, kinda looks like him but my friends looks like he might heavier hands
1/6/08 3:00:29AM
Joe Daddy
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