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POLL: Favorite UFN moment
Forrest half wipe joke 3% (2)
Hammil "rape choking" Boetsch 12% (8)
Nick Diaz flipping everyone off 45% (31)
Speer getting KO'd 10% (7)
Florian's One More Round Hat 3% (2)
Karo getting KO'd 28% (19)
4/3/08 5:08:36AM
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4/3/08 5:53:48AM
definitely diaz and his antics, loved it, u could see he was psyched.
4/3/08 6:18:33AM
I didnt see it all, But I loved when Diaz was celebrating before it was finished, That was cocky, But I liked it!

The worst part was seeing Joe getting pounded on, He tried to hang in there, And he was, He just was going NOWHERE, Poor Joe.
4/3/08 7:23:58AM
Nate's (not Nick as the poll says) Uncensored Stone Cold Salute. Good thing I saw it live, I know it'll be edited out of replays.
4/3/08 7:47:51AM
definitely Diaz. That was just awesome. Love the kid. He was getting hammered at first. I saw that triangle from a mile away. The double fingers were awesome even though it was an a-hole thing to do, i liked it for some reason. Hes really shaping up to be a good fighter.
4/3/08 7:50:27AM
diaz was a riot, i gotta say though i was pretty disappointed to see karo and houston complain so much after getting dropped. houston definitely had no complaint, and karo buckled from that knee.
4/3/08 8:22:49AM

Posted by ufcboss

The worst part was seeing Joe getting pounded on, He tried to hang in there, And he was, He just was going NOWHERE, Poor Joe.

Tell me about it. I was losing it at home, pulling my hair out from his laying there getting pummeled.

Him and Speer were my two biggest disappointments of the night.
4/3/08 8:49:53AM
I liked when Hamill pounded Boestch out. That made my night.
4/3/08 9:18:43AM
Nates win just cause I thought Kurt was doing great in that fight he was smashin him both rounds untill the triangle and I also fealt bad for Joe he was avoiding alot of shots on the ground just didnt have the power to get Kenny off him better luck next time.
4/3/08 10:56:55AM
i loved seeing nate comeback & win in pure Diaz fashion, but damn it was sweet to see karo get KOd.
4/3/08 11:02:33AM
i got to say it was seeing alexander get ktfo! what can i say...i'm not his biggest fan.
4/3/08 11:07:03AM
Seeing karo getting k.o'd. Hes been getting on my nerves alot lately and needs to be knocked back a peg or two.
4/3/08 11:30:14AM

Posted by Aaronno9

Seeing karo getting k.o'd. Hes been getting on my nerves alot lately and needs to be knocked back a peg or two.

I am almost more happy that it was a controversial stop (in his eyes), since that probably just pissed him off more.

Although, that Speer fight had major fireworks.
I am guessing that has to be his last pro fight.
4/3/08 12:06:51PM
I think we will see Speer back, but in the WEC while he works on his skill set. He is definatly with the wrong camp if he plans on doing this though. I was on my feet when Speer was getting hammered. I really like Johnson and his size is going to pose problems for anyone at 170.
4/3/08 12:39:15PM
When Diaz gave the finger after that crazy Triangle and when they put the camera back on Speer when he was KO'd against the cage with blood running down his face that was sad
4/3/08 8:30:04PM
Diaz celebrating his win, that was sick! Thats my favorite, becuz Kurt was sayin no to the crowd when diaz was trying to get in a kamara, than Diaz puts kurt in a triangle and throws his hands in the air (cuz he knew he won) and flip everyone off and then flexed his muscles. That was hilarious. Almost like when guillard gave clementi the finger and then when clementi won he gave him the "suck it" sign, haha... classic
4/3/08 10:07:50PM
gotta be alves's big knee but also diaz was funny and slick
4/3/08 11:00:09PM
Gray Maynard slamming Edgar 3 times in one round.
4/3/08 11:05:22PM
Watching Boetsch gas in the 2nd round and Hammil lay into him was great!

Hammil is an animal!
4/4/08 5:06:48AM
4/4/08 6:20:54PM
1 Diaz's "celebration"
2 Karo KO
3 Speer crumpling into the fence
4/5/08 12:54:34PM
For me it has to be Karo gettin KO'd but I also really enjoy Nate Diaz mainly because I just love the way the Diaz brothers act.

Yet I was calling this the whole way Alves getting the KO or TKO but it was just so sweet seeing it actually happen

4/6/08 2:42:35PM
just watched it on tape delay. my favorite part was after hamil won this guy from his corner was all excited and ran up to him and started screaming in his ear, hamil wasnt even looking at him and im thinking "Does this idiot realize that he cant hear him?"
4/6/08 3:09:11PM
Diaz triangle flipoff flex
4/6/08 3:22:55PM
The SandMans post fight interview with Rogan " We can take it out side if you like"

or how bout Houstons commit " I don't remember but i was'nt knocked out !"

War James The Sandman Irvin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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