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POLL: Favorite TUF?
TUF 2 27% (10)
TUF 3 14% (5)
TUF 4 8% (3)
TUF 5 41% (15)
TUF 6 3% (1)
TUF 7 8% (3)
2/6/09 12:48:17AM
what your favorite and most memorable TUF when u look back at them, I'm not including TUF 1 in the poll cause i think most would pick it as it was new and started this whole thing so for the poll which other TUF are you most fond of?
2/6/09 12:57:22AM

But from the poll I'd have to say whatever one Stevenson and Rashad won it. I think season 2?
2/6/09 1:20:18AM
season 1 and 2 > any tuf past present or future... the one that BJ coached was 3rd best, think it was 5
2/6/09 2:11:46AM
Season 2 was the first one I watched all the way through since it was when I started getting more into the sport, so thats the one ill always remember most. Plus Rich and Matt where my favourite fighters at the time so I enjoyed it even more.
2/6/09 7:47:43AM
5 for me. Manny, Emerson, Maynard, Lauzon, Miller, Diaz, Wiman, lots of talent on that season.
2/6/09 9:59:27AM

Posted by Franklinfan47

5 for me. Manny, Emerson, Maynard, Lauzon, Miller, Diaz, Wiman, lots of talent on that season.

agreed but i liked 3 also hamill bisping
2/6/09 10:43:22AM
5 for me...

I don't know why 2's getting so much love... Watch it now, the quality of fights isn't up to par with the rest of em... And not that memorable in terms of house shenanigans...

it Did have one of the better finale's though... And probably the best nickname in the history of the sport.... MEAT TRUCK Kerry Schall...
2/6/09 12:03:22PM
I voted for two, but one was the best. They have gotten consistently more stale with every season since. Making them fight to get on the show was a step in the right direction, but too much focus is on grown men acting like they are twelve. I don't want to watch the nonsense, just the fights.
2/6/09 5:43:15PM
I liked five, both coaches were colorful and the cast was great. definitely the deepest cast of all the seasons.
2/6/09 7:46:43PM
5 was a really good season and 3 was good with Tito and Shammy hating one another
2/6/09 8:26:15PM
1 and 2
2/7/09 5:17:02PM
1,3 & 5 for me
2/7/09 6:22:15PM
Went with season 5. Competition was so deep that season, I still wonder if the semi finals were drawn differently (Joe vs. Diaz and Gray vs. Manny) if we could have saw Joe vs. Gray, it just felt that tight.
2/8/09 10:34:05PM
Five was the best for me. How it started off was awesome. If you want to be on my team, and nothing to do with Jens raise your hand bam almost everyone raises their hands. Also it had Andy freaking Wang man.
2/9/09 6:36:33PM
5 was my favorite. It had the deepest talent, fueding coaches, Andy Wang and Gabe Rudiger crying, and tons of little mans syndrome, which led to loads of beef in the house(the only in house fight took place in 5 as well).
2/9/09 7:26:19PM
hell even Karo came on and tried to pick a fight I may just say no season is half as good as 5
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