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POLL: pick em
UFC 51-Super Saturday 7% (3)
UFC 73-Staked 5% (2)
UFC 84-ill will 22% (9)
UFC 87- Seek and Destroy 2% (1)
UFC 92-Ultimate 2008 49% (20)
UFC 100- Making History 15% (6)
8/1/09 3:02:41PM
UFC 51:
main-Ortiz V Belfort
title fight- Tanner V Terrell
title fight- Arlovski V Sylvia

UFC 73:
main title fight- Anderson V Nate
co main- Evans V Ortiz
title fight- Sherk V Franca

UFC 84:
main title fight- Penn V Sherk
co-main-Wand V Kieth
co-main- Ortiz V Lyoto

UFC 87:
main title fight- GSP V Fitch
co main- Lesnar V Herring
co main- Florian V Huerta

UFC 92
main title fight- Griffin V Evans
co main title fight- Mir V Nog
co main- Rampage V Wand III

UFC 100
main title fight- Lesnar V Mir II
co main title fight- GSP V Alves
co main- Hendo V Bisping
8/1/09 3:56:37PM
8/1/09 4:25:28PM

Posted by grappler0000



Does this make us best friends?
8/1/09 6:47:47PM
I picked UFC 51, because you saw Evan Tanner win the belt, Arlovski submit Sylvia (a very satisfying win), and a great main event betwen Tito and Vitor. the rest of the card was pretty good to me as well, namely Paul Buentello's KO win and NYBA get choked out.
8/1/09 7:39:19PM
I gotta go with 92. All three of those fights were just amazing. Wand vs Rampage was great. I was so excited to see that fight. Mir vs Noguiera was pretty good too. I was surprised by Mir's striking. Forrest vs Rashad was also great even though Forrest lost
8/1/09 11:03:41PM
luckily i have seen 2 of them live but i would have to go with 92
to see 3 underdogs win big i lost money in vegas that night
8/3/09 8:41:09AM
UFC 92 by far.
8/3/09 9:57:30PM
I went with 87. All three fights went to a decision, but all 3 were very very fun to watch......minus Lesnar's stupid celebration
8/3/09 11:53:37PM
UFC 51 was a great card, top to bottom.
8/4/09 2:41:37AM
92, i may be a little bias tho because i think 92 was the best card the UFC has put on to date
8/4/09 12:35:02PM
seems to be the trend here , but 92 for me as well. loved the mir finishing the almighty big nog with boxing of all things . loved the rampage revenge even though i like wand alot also , forrest losing sucked thoufgh was still a brutal finish . 92 wins this .
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