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Royce Gracie 36% (16)
Dan Severn 14% (6)
Oleg Taktarov 20% (9)
Marco Ruas 14% (6)
Don Frye 11% (5)
Mark Coleman 5% (2)
12/12/08 6:53:13AM
Mine is Royce cause he inspired me to start training BJJ
12/12/08 7:19:08AM
I'm assuming royce is gonna have a landslide victory here
12/12/08 9:31:20AM
Easy answer is Royce, but after going back and watching all of the first 10 events recently, I just had to go with Taktarov.
12/12/08 12:53:04PM
Royce of course. No one else even compares.
12/12/08 12:53:40PM
You got to go with Royce Gracie, he modernized MMA (back then)
12/12/08 12:56:50PM
see maybe becouse im a wrestler but i choose coleman
12/12/08 1:15:25PM
Royce, watching him come in at 165-175 lbs and use technique to dismantle opponents was inspirational to the smaller man.

Marco Ruas, probably the first "well rounded" fighter other than Ken Shamrock to fight in the Cage, his war against Varleans, who he beat to win the tournament and his previous fight submitting Remco.

12/12/08 1:39:23PM
My pick was Marco Ruas because he was one of the first well rounded fighters in the UFC.
12/12/08 1:51:59PM
i had to go with old donny frye on this one
12/12/08 4:43:56PM
I went with Taktarov. I will always remember the heart he showed in there against Tank.
12/12/08 10:05:14PM
12/13/08 10:41:42AM

Posted by ncordless

I went with Taktarov. I will always remember the heart he showed in there against Tank.

took the words right out of my mouth nc...

bobbydoomocculta has very much love for the russian bear...
12/13/08 6:12:02PM
Taktarov just because I went to one of his seminars back then and he left my ankles looking black and blue for about a week.
12/13/08 7:51:10PM
I'm in the severe minority here. Not only did I go w/ Ruas, but Royce is prob'ly my least fav on the list. I'm not dissing him, I don't hate him, but he doesn't have the interview skills of Don Frye, the Charisma of Oleg, Severn I'm met and trained w/ and is a cool guy that I love to watch fight.... Royce might've been the one that we got as a face to expose us to BJJ but he wasn't even that good for his family or anything. He was going against guys who had no idea how to fight him. He didn't last against the more well rounded fighters.
12/14/08 5:57:04AM
ah dude couldnt we have put the limit up to UFC 12 so i could vote for Vitor i think UFC 12 was a tournement anyways

anyway point being Vitor was a beast back then
12/14/08 3:55:29PM
At first i thought Royce by no-contest but after thinking about it its a close matchup between Royce and Coleman

Royce Gracie:
Showed fighting on the ground was not stupid and could be utterly dominating against the untrained.

Notable Submission Fighers include:
Diego Sanchez

All these fighters may not currently use BJJ as their primary gameplan (Penn, Florian) but started as BJJ fighters and it is their strongest area

Coleman laid out the blueprints for GNP and made wrestling not a useless thing post-college.

Notable fighters include:

So when you compare the two, both have had a signifigant impact on MMA forever. One major thing i notice is that if you add up on those fighters the number of UFC titles and Interm titles held:

Submission Fighters: 4

GNP's: 30

So i would give the SLIGHT edge to Coleman as there is more than a belt count that matters here.

But what made me go with Royce is thier UFC records up to UFC 10.

Royce by UFC 10 was 11-1-1 (the loss was the exhaustion thing)

Coleman was 3-0.

Royce already had 10 more UFC fights than him. Coleman would still have to fight in the UFC 4 more times to even have the same number of fights. And even if he won all 4 he would only be 10-4 in the UFC where Royce is 11-2-1

If you compare their modern UFC Records you get:

Royce: 11-2-1,
Win %: 79% (counting the draw against this number and rounding up)

Coleman: 6-4
Win %: 60%

So i have to give the edge to Royce but not by much.

Than again im not 100% impartial, I love BJJ and it's fun for me to do so i guess im a little biased.

12/14/08 4:08:01PM
I'm with the rest of you, Royce Gracie.
12/19/08 5:20:51PM
Gracie all day, 180 wet beating these beasts with chokes and arm bars.
12/19/08 5:32:19PM
Oleg was definetely my favorite. Both fighters were so winded by the finals they could barely stand. Ever since Oleg's thrashing at the hands of Severn, I just wanted him to win a tournament. I remember him saying in Russia at the time at least, they didn't stop fights because there was too much blood. He doesn't know the meaning of "quit" and I like that.
12/19/08 10:36:32PM
i liked royce since the first one, but i gotta say i was really impressed with the way marco ruas used those leg kickg on the polar bear. kick and move.....that was awesome
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