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8/10/08 10:19:02PM

Posted by gsquat

Posted by Pitbull09

When on top, I perfer side control rather than full mount so I typically use kimuras or key locks and if I cant get it in the opponent usually leans to protect it so I can either go for an armbar or get his back.

I like the idea of a triangle to but I really dont do well with it in fights. I think my legs are to short so if I am trying to finish the guy, I do a substitute move. I think its called the tee pee You lock your hands behind your legs (if you cant get your foot to lock under your knee) and squeeze your legs.

A move that I like but I doubt will work in competition is this move I saw Jake Sheilds show in a technique video. When in side control, you get your back on the opponent, place your one arm around their head and arm. After that you reach over with the other arm and pull his leg up. It puts a lot of pressure on the guys chest so they cant breath and if I get really frustrated in side control, I go for that.

I like kneebars too

Ha. Did you see the clip of a guy that used that in a grappling match and made the other dude puke. It went right on the bottom guy's head. That technique is easy to escape if you know how.

I guess the people I grapple with dont know how. We are all pretty new. But I didnt see that clip, sounds funny.
8/10/08 11:46:03PM
triangle/mount triangle =)
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