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POLL: What's your favorite style to watch in the cage?
Pure Wrestling/ground and pound 10% (5)
Submission specialist/ BJJ 23% (11)
Sprawl and brawl 13% (6)
Swing for the fences 10% (5)
Muay Thai/ kickboxing 40% (19)
other- and there are lots of em 4% (2)
1/1/08 2:06:12PM
What're everyones favorite styles to watch in the cage?
You value exitement and blood or do you enjoy watching slick technique?
1/1/08 2:23:43PM
my fav is bjj but i pretty much like to watch all the styles
1/1/08 2:35:43PM
any styles as long as its an entertaining fight.......and not just brawls but i like watching technical matches cuz u know somebody could get caught and subbed at any time
1/1/08 4:27:05PM
i enjoy watchin technical striking with pin point accuracy same with kicks and submissions and ground control alot, some of these people dont like, becuase by their definition its sometimes boring......i enjoy watchin guys like machida, okami, anderson silva, cro cop, etc.....but i enjoy sprwl and brawl and swinging for the fences just as much, it creates an intesity and it keeps you on the edge of your seat becuase you never know who is gonna go down.......i enjoy watchin MMA period...
1/1/08 6:08:02PM
I'll say Muay Thai / Kickboxing, because there is nothing I like seeing more than good striking. However, I have yet to see something that looks like real Muay Thai in the cage yet though!
1/1/08 11:29:42PM
1/2/08 7:54:21AM
sub fighting...it's the least intuitive of any of the styles and it's what makes MMA look different than what people expect. It is also the style that requires the most precise technique (no glancing submissions) and, as a result, it is the style that best allows smaller and less athletic fighters to beat larger, more athletic but less skilled fighters. That's what martial arts should show.
1/2/08 1:54:48PM
I would say Muy Thai but I also like Matt Hughes with his GnP mixed with good bbj. Everything is usually great to watch
1/2/08 2:01:10PM
I enjoy them all.

Except fights like the Sanchez fight @ 79. Lame.
1/2/08 2:26:07PM
I like Muay Thai/Kickboxing. I just get annoyed when you have guy press each other against the cage and knee just enough to get the decision(Tim and Cheick I'm talking to you!). Where are the yellow cards? We need them in the UFC!
1/2/08 4:18:07PM
Din Thomas, i like his style. and Rampage
1/3/08 3:18:29PM
I like GSP's style. Well rounded in every aspect of the game. Great standup, great BJJ, great Judo, and great wrestling. Can't beat that style.
1/4/08 4:08:51PM
I used to love wrestling and ground and pound, just picking up people and slamming them, but now i love kickin people in the face, giving right hooks and knees... but wrestling is awesome to... I say tie for Wrestling and Kickboxing
1/4/08 4:19:31PM
The style I like is takedowns for ground and pound and use that to set up for a submission. That is my style and I think these fighters execute it well

Clay Guida
1/4/08 4:38:56PM
I'm definitely a "slick technique" man, with a bent toward grappling, as you can see from my Top-10 Favorites list (although I haven't updated it in a while):

Quinton Jackson
Georges St. Pierre
Fedor Emelianenko
BJ Penn
Anderson Silva
Joe Stevenson
Urijah Faber
Jon Fitch
Roger Huerta
Rich Franklin

The bruisers are probably least interesting to me, although I do love seeing guys like Tank Abbott and Melvin Guillard get submitted by guys like Frank Mir and Joe Stevenson.
1/4/08 5:11:48PM
well since i train in muy thai/kickboxing it is one of my favorites to watch being displayed in the octagon. however, as my name implies, i have to go with BJJ and submission specialists. there is something about the ground game that i just love; the tacticality, the cerebral planning, the elusive submission that can win a fight out of nowhere...the ground game is definitely my favorite and i love nothing more than to see a striker with no ground game get tapped out by a submission artist.
1/4/08 6:38:10PM
GSP's style is really fun to watch, Machida is fun to watch also(on a technical level), and BJ Penn/Paulo Filho are really good to watch for BJJ.
1/5/08 6:17:33PM
Quinton Jackson's "whoop dat ass" style!
1/5/08 7:50:09PM
I think my top 10 fav says it all lol

All my fighters are either very explosive wrestlers(love wrestling since I've done it before and the slames/suplexes are crazy! GNP too if they do it right) or they are brawlers who if getting taken down, they will submit your ass!

I can't really pick a favorite, I really respect wrestlers for haven experience what they do. But I guess my top 10 fav. says it all. If your a great boxer/striker with good BJJ? Your one of my favorites


Thiago Silva
Anderson Silva
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