Favorite Sports Movie of all Time??

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12/7/07 8:48:36AM
The Mighty Ducks. The older guys probaly dont get it but my entire generation can quote that movie from beginning to end.

Runner ups are the Sandlot and Major League.

Best line in Major League: They go out to a nice resteraunt and they tell Rick Vaughn he has to wear a tie so they tie it around his neck over his cut off shirt and he says "I feel like a banker"
2/7/09 2:40:02PM
Mines got to be: Rocky or Remember The Titans
2/7/09 3:14:15PM
Cinderella Man
Kicking and Screaming lol
2/8/09 3:15:55AM
It's gotta be Bull Durham...I'm not certain you can sit through a baseball game in any stadium across america and not hear at least one quote from that movie.
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