Favorite Present and past NBA player.

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12/9/08 5:03:31AM
Present - Amare Stoudemire Nuff said.

Past - Hakeem "The Dream" The things he did to David Robinson in 95, the MVP of of that year, would see you doing 25 to life these days.
12/9/08 5:19:10AM

12/9/08 8:17:18AM
Present- Dwayne Wade

Past- Jordan/Magic Johnson
12/9/08 8:25:15AM
Present- He never really saw his full potential and he's a bit old now, but Grant Hill.

Past- Without question Charles Barkley. The chuckwagon
12/9/08 8:25:45AM
past - sidney moncrief

current - michael redd/ray allen
12/9/08 8:37:21AM
Past: Reggie Miller
Present: Danny Granger
12/9/08 8:57:39AM
Past - Isiah Thomas - Huge Piston fan and it all started with Zeke, as a player there was no one who had a bigger heart yet would cut yours out just to win.

Present - Grant Hill and Tim Duncan - I like how the are humble, quiet and show class and also stayed all 4 years in college.
12/9/08 9:10:43AM
Gotta Be Michael, i saw him play once in charlotte against the hornets. Dont really remember the game i was a lot younger. great player great legacy.
12/9/08 9:28:21AM
My favourite player is Tony Parker. Havent really been into it long enough to have a past favourite player.
12/9/08 9:34:59AM
Current: LeBron - he combines so many talents and he's the best player out there.

Past: There are a ton. Larry Bird, Magic Johnson...I like the guys that can do just about everything.
12/9/08 9:35:37AM
Past - Jordan
present- vince carter / lebron
12/9/08 9:40:36AM
Current: LeBron or Vin Carter

Past: MJ!!! and I used to like Magic.

12/9/08 11:21:33AM
Past- Jordan
Present- Lebron James

But jordan is my favorite of all time
12/9/08 1:12:56PM
Past - John Stockton: I was a huge fan of the Jazz back in the day with Stockton, Malone, and Hornacek. Stockton stuck out to me b/c of his unselfishness. I also liked how easy he made passing the ball look.

Present - Chris Paul: I am a New Orleans Hornets fan but that isn't the only reason he is my fav. player. Like Stockton, Paul is unselfish and although he is young, he still never seems to make mistakes. He's really good right now and in a few years he will be great.
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12/9/08 1:42:36PM
past - th x-man himself xavier mcdaniel

present - paul pierce, probably gonna get some bandwagon haters on that one, but i started playing him on nba jam 2000 and kicked alot of ass with him...and as we all know, video games and real life are the same thing
12/9/08 4:02:23PM
past:Bill russel

present: Superman him self-Dwight Howard
12/9/08 4:07:24PM
My favorite player of all time is without a doubt Reggie Miller. My favorite current player is Josh Smith.
12/9/08 5:34:46PM

1. CHRIS BOSH - Great player, Big raps fan, Class act willing to stick it out with a struggling team
2. Dwight Howard

Also: Millsap, LeBron, Gooden, Duncan, Bynum, Alston, Arenas, Gooden, Dirk, Josh Smith, Varejao, and any current Raptor

1. Dr. J
2. Bird
3. Hardaway

Also: Malone, Wilt, Old Shaq, Wilkins, Kemp, Richmond
12/9/08 5:52:34PM
You guys are reminding me of so many good players in the NBA throughout the 90's.

I gotta give honorable mention to AC Green, Kevin "KJ" Johnson, Glen "Big Dog" Robinson, Shawn Kemp, Gary Payton, Chris Mullin (most perfect ball spin on a jumpshot ever), Danny Ainge, Detlef Shrempf, Clyde "The Glide" Drexler, Hakeem Olajuwan, Moses Malone, Sean Elliot, David "The Admiral" Robinson, and pretty much anybody who was on the dream team.

Gee.. can you tell I'm a fan of west coast run and gun basketball? LOL
12/9/08 7:26:21PM
Old-David Thompson yeah thats who Micheal Jordan wanted to be like thats old school right there.

Now-Right now Kobe hands down is a great with a good solid 8-9 years of dominance left in him and a few more titles he is coming of age right now he has the Killer Instinct that Jordan had hell he even knocked out my Nuggets last year and he is still my fav player.
12/10/08 8:15:34PM
Past : Dominique Wilkins

Present : LeBron James
12/11/08 4:14:55AM
Past: Shawn Kemp or Grandma Johnson

Present: Pau Gasol or Dwight Howard
12/11/08 7:44:08AM
past either patrick ewing or jordan
present dwight howard or tracy mcgrady
12/12/08 6:32:14PM
Past Player--Julius Erving Current--Dwayne Wade
12/13/08 1:21:24AM
Kemp used to be my fav, and now he's a customer of mine. How the world changes.

My current fav is Brandon Roy.
12/13/08 10:55:28AM
Present: Brandon Roy

Past: Scottie Pippen
12/13/08 8:42:32PM
King James is my favorite right now and past would have to be Charles Oakley. My heart goes to Patrick Ewing as well. The OAK TREE baby.
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