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8/7/10 2:08:20AM
Just name some of the greatest, most inspiring moments for u in UFC history.

My all time favorite moment was when BJ Penn took the title from Matt Hughes @ UFC 46.

Chuck vs. Wandy was an amazing fight that was great for the sport.

Lyoto bringing Karate back when he beat Rashad.

Serra upsetting GSP left me in shock, but I loved it.

Forrest winning the Title.

And of course, Captain America returning and beating Tim Sylvia.

8/7/10 2:22:33AM
the tooth flying out of the cage in ufc 1.

randy coming out of retirement to beat silvia.

hendo KO'ing bispings dumbass.

wanderlei commenting on how pretty he is after he got his facial reconstruction.

diego sanchez and the YES! cartwheel.

sanchez and clay guida fight (i thought that was one of the most exciting fights of the decade)

big nog getting destroyed for like 2 1/2 rnds by silvia and then catching him with a sub.
8/7/10 4:26:23AM
1. Wanderlei cheering triumphantly atop the cage after his win over Jardine.

2. Forrest having his hand raised after he defeated "Rampage."

3. Lyoto knockin out Rashad and the image of Rashad on the canvas.

4. Randy spanking Tito towards the end of their fight.

5. B.J. choking out Joe "Daddy" with blood everywhere.

6. Matt Serra defeating GSP.

7. "Hendo" knocking out Bisping.

8. "Shogun" knocking out Lyoto at UFC 113

9. Baroni knocking out Menne at UFC 39.

10. "Minotauro" coming back and submitting Sylvia.
8/7/10 9:14:08AM
anderson silva crushing rich franklin in the 1st fight with knees and seeing franklins nose after the fight

Liddell vs wandi fight was epic and blew the main event out of the water that night

scott smith ko of pete sell after he looked like he was finished

this is a few
8/7/10 10:10:17AM
I will do my top 5 moments. To ufc live events I have watched

1. Begging my boss who is a fan of ufc to give me a few days off to go to vegas
And go see wandy vs chuck. Live!!! Best fight ever!!!

2. Watching hendo knock out. Bisping out cold!!! And I took the pic of the punch thrown at bisping which knocked him out

3. Seeing a crap card in 115 degree heat in vegas and seeing rampage and griffin go toe to toe for 5 rounds , the fight making up for the rest of the card

4. Going to portland last year too see couture fight just once live before he retires. And seeing a hell of a fight between big nog and him

5. And going to my first ufc fight. Watching two major upsets happen in
Jardine beating lidell and griffin choking out shogun. Man was I pissed off!!!
8/7/10 10:10:54AM
my list is gonna be more of like every time there was a changing of the guard an enhancement in the sport

1. BJ Penn beating Matt hughes no more one dimensional fighters started learning to be complete fighters i think hughes realized that too after that fight he changed his fighting style some

2. GSP beating Matt Hughes just proved that there is a new breed of fighters starting with GSP

3 Frank Mir beating NOG and then Cain beating NOG just proving what it takes to be in the HW division
8/7/10 1:59:59PM

Posted by chickmagnet

And of course, Captain America returning and beating Tim Sylvia.

That's one moment that sticks out for me, actually it was that punch that dropped Big Timmy and the crowd went crazy.
8/7/10 2:25:20PM
In no particular order

1. Royce Graceie defeating Dan Severn (Though at the time no one really knew because of the screwed PPV)

2. Anderson Silva's complete and utter ahniliation of Chris Leben.

3. Hendo's fist sending Bisping into the fourth dimension.

4.Remco Pardoel's elbows meating Orlando Wiet's head.

5. BJ Penn defeating a very over confident Matt Hughes

6.Forrest Griffin facing off against Stephan Bonnar at the TUF finale.

7. Tito Ortiz vs Frank Shamrock

8. The all out riot that ensued after the Cabbage and Tank fight.

9. Royce Gracie returning to face Matt Hughes.

10. Frank Shamrock's slam on Igor Zinoviev.

11. Nog defeating Tim Sylvia

12. the hug between CC and Pat Barry

13. Wandy knocking out Jardine

14. Machida's win over Rashad

15. The Hughes/ Newton slam

So many good ones it's hard to list them all off the top of my head!
8/7/10 3:14:46PM
Anderson embarrassing Forrest after the Leitas debacle.

BJ quitting against GSP and shutting everyones mouth about the first fight.

Teila Tuli vs Kieth Hackney.

forgot, had to add both the Bisping asswhoopin vs Hendo.

Oh yeah, when Silva triangles Sonnen.

8/7/10 5:20:25PM
1. Rashad knocking Liddell out cold

2. Randy dropping Sylvia in the first 10 seconds of the fight

3. Hendo Knocking out Bisping

4. Matt Hughes slamming Frank Trigg after teh brink of defeat

5. Couture drawing blood on Lesnar

6. Serra upsetting GSP

7. Lesnar coming out with a flying knee to Herring

8. Hamill knocking out Mark Munoz

9. Rashad rocking Rampage in the first 10 seconds

10. Lesnar's post UFC 100 speech
8/7/10 5:48:10PM
Theres alot but the main one for me was Randy Couture coming out of retirement to beat Tim Sylvia.
8/7/10 6:04:01PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Posted by chickmagnet

And of course, Captain America returning and beating Tim Sylvia.

That's one moment that sticks out for me, actually it was that punch that dropped Big Timmy and the crowd went crazy.

I was there for that and it is by far my most memoriable
8/7/10 8:49:52PM

Posted by postman

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Posted by chickmagnet

And of course, Captain America returning and beating Tim Sylvia.

That's one moment that sticks out for me, actually it was that punch that dropped Big Timmy and the crowd went crazy.

I was there for that and it is by far my most memoriable

Shocking the world doesn't happen too often.
8/7/10 9:11:25PM
1. Wandy saying "I wanna f**k Chuck"
2. The fight which ensued
3. Randy owning Timmay for the title
4.Scott Smith KO of Pete Sell
5. Maia's sub of Sonnen
8/8/10 1:14:58AM
Silva coming back to win
8/11/10 3:42:45PM
Dan Henderson's KO over Bisping
Chael Sonnen dominating and punishing Anderson for 23 mins
Wanderlei KO's Jardine
Shogun winning the title.
8/11/10 11:40:41PM
1. Randy dropping Big Tim right away

2. Henderson knocking out Bisping and then the follow up hahaha

3. Hughes/Trigg 1 and 2

4. Scott Smith/Pete Sell fight

5. Guida vs Sanchez

6. Russow dropping Duffee

7. Anderson submitting Chael

8. Chael backing up what he said

9. Chuck beating Tito the 2nd time around

10. Serra beating GSP

11. Hardy not tapping out
8/12/10 11:41:08AM
Chael rocking Sonnen on the feet is my favorite. With Anderson trying to take Chael down after that.
8/14/10 9:53:34PM
Randy coming out of retirement and beating Sylvia, then mauling Gonzaga in his first title defense

Griffin beating Shogun and Rampage consecutively and winning the title

Georges St. Pierre beating BJ Penn for the second time

Jens Pulver defending his title against BJ Penn

Roger Huerta vs Leonard Garcia/Forrest Griffin vs Stephan Bonnar/ Sam Stout vs Spencer Fisher 2 were all awesome fights

Also Liddell finally fighting Wanderlei Silva

Babalu's **** kicking he put on David Heath where Joe Rogan said "If you saw that much blood in a movie you would say that's too much" lmao

Tank Abbotts Entire Career in the early days is full of favourite moments for me including his fight vs Belfort my two first favourite fighters going at it was sweet.
8/14/10 10:00:49PM
There are some sweet ones you guys had too I felt no need to repost but so many moments were great
8/14/10 11:13:38PM
Here's my take on my top five moments in MMA history, in no particular order:

Hughes' dominant wrestling and GnP of Royce(The Hair Puller) Gracie!

Anderson catching Sonnen in the triangle after getting stomped for 4 and 1/2 rnds

Gonzaga head kicking Cro Cop into oblivion!

Heath Herring Ko'ing Yoshihiro Nakao because of him kissing Herring during the pre-fight staredown......then Nakao making his nickname...."Kiss"

Diego Sanchez knocking Karo's tooth out of his face!!

The first fight between Ben Henderson and Donald Cerrone. Still can't believe that Henderson got out of those sub attempts!!!!!

8/17/10 6:29:54AM
I love reading over this thread it does bring back great memories. A few of the things mentioned I was lucky enough to be at live so I wanted to list my most memorable moments that I saw live:

UFC 70

Gonzaga Cro Cops Cro cop.

That kick was awsome.

UFC 72

This event was quite forgettable but there was one great moment at this event:

Clay Guida v Tyson Griffin

An amazing back and fourth fight. Non stop action.

UFC 80

This event was a KO fest:

Sakara over Lee
Hardonk over Robinson
Rivera over Grove
Gouveia over Lambert
Davis over Liauden
Werdum over Gonzaga

UFC 95

This event was also a KO fest

Dunham over Eklund
Santos over Struve
Etim over Cobb
Thiago over Koshcheck
Marquardt over Gouveia
Hardy over Markham

and that crazy triangle from Maia over Sonnen.

UFC 105

Sivers crazy spinning back kick on Kelly.
Ospiczak over powering the much favoured Riddle was great for the fans at the event.
8/17/10 9:29:43AM
In order...

UFC 40: I hate Tito, but loved seeing him demolish Shamrock
UFC 45: Hughes defeats Trigg via RNC
UFC 47: Liddell walks the walk against Tito
UFC 52: Liddell becomes the LHW champ after beating Randy
UFC 57: Liddell beats Randy again
UFC 61: See UFC 40
Ortiz vs. Shamrock 3: See UFC 40
UFC 66: Again, Chuck over Tito. Gotta love it.
UFC 69: Not a Serra fan, but I love it when the underdog surprises everyone.
UFC 70: The headkick heard 'round the world. (Gonzaga over Cro Cop)
UFC 76: Griffin RNC's Rua
UFN Florian vs. Lauzon: Nate Diaz's FTW triangle over Pellegrino
UFC 87: Emerson KO's Gamburyan in 12 seconds
UFC 87: GSP manhandles Fitch (hated that part, but for being a one sided fight, it was highly entertaining)
UFC 90: The JDS uppercut from hell over Werdum.
UFN: Condit vs. Kampmann: Cole Miller submits Junie Browning. Beautiful.
UFC 100: Hendo's KO of Bisping.
UFC 100: Lesnar's manhandling of Mir.
UFC 107: Penn/Sanchez. Dealt with.
UFC 111: Mir smashed to a pulp c/o Shane Carwin.
UFC 116: Lytle submits Matt Brown. One of the sweetest submissions I've ever seen.
UFC 117: Silva's toughest test to date. Oh, so close...
8/17/10 12:41:48PM
Another stand out moment that hasnt been mentioned, the first head kick KO in the UFC. An unknown Lions Den Fighter Pete Williams over Mark the hammer Coleman.
8/17/10 1:47:37PM
Lots of good stuff mentioned. I'm going to go with

Hughes comeback slam over Frank Trigg at UFC 52 and the way the crowd roared along with it

Mir breaking Tim Sylvia's arm and Tim Sylvia pleading with the doc to continue fighting despite the fact that his arm was clearly completely broken

Randy Couture getting that high crotch takedown against the cage on Gabe Gonzaga

Wandy Rape Choke KO'ing Keith Jardine

Watching Lesnar tap
8/18/10 5:52:59PM
Couture beating Big Tim Sylvia
Lyoto destroying Rashad
Lesnar pounding Mir
Royce getting the triangle on Dan Severn
Anderson Silva totally out-classing Forrest Griffin
Serra defeating GSP
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