What was your favorite MMA video game of all time?

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POLL: Favorite videogame for MMA
Tapout/ Tapout 2 5% (1)
Pride FC 21% (4)
UFC Sudden Impact 0% (0)
UFC for Dreamcast 0% (0)
They all suck 32% (6)
Never played em 42% (8)
1/12/08 3:08:00PM
What was your favorite MMA game of all time?
Do you love/ Hate the controls?
1/12/08 4:45:26PM
many people dont think this but i think that tapout 2 is a good game. The career mode isn't long but i love playing it, championship road is so fun and same with legend, I love this game, i wanna play pride tho. looks really good as well
1/12/08 11:07:04PM
PRIDE FC is the best,followed by UFC for Dreamcast.

the Dreamcast incarnation was the original,and all UFC games that followed,were base on the same gaming mechanics and engine.They just prettied up the career mode and added more fighters.Nothing has changed in the UFC games other than that really.Sudden Impact offered some different mechanics,but ultimately moved kind of slow.I never got to play the Grand Prix PRIDE game,because it was only released in Japan,and their is also a Collusium game that looked a bit underwhelming.
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