favorite martial arts books?

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4/6/07 9:59:41PM
No Holds Barred: Ultimate Fighting and the Martial Arts Revolution by Clyde Gentry is a good read.

Fighter's Fact Book: Over 400 Concepts, Principles, and Drills to Make You a Better Fighter by Loren W. Christensen
i thought this book was decent as well

any good books you guys recomend
4/6/07 10:34:02PM
The Zombie Survival Guide - Complete Protection From The Living Dead
Max Brooks
4/7/07 12:03:10PM
REAL Ultimate Power: The Official Ninja Book


Seriously though,

The Art of War
Gorin no Sho (Book of Five Rings)
4/8/07 9:49:29PM

Posted by hcazlekker

The Zombie Survival Guide - Complete Protection From The Living Dead
Max Brooks

What a hilarious read this book is. If you enjoyed this book, also check out World War Z by Max Brooks.
4/11/07 2:43:50PM
Hah, this topic reminds me of a funny story from my childhood. 3rd grade I was an out of shape dorky kid. I was being picked on by a couple of 5th graders at school. If I remember correctly they had beat me up in the bathroom earlier that week. Anyway, my class went to a book fair and I found what I thought would surely be my salvation. I forget the exact title of the book, but it was something along the lines of "Secret techniques of the martial arts". I got it and took it home. Inside I learned what was called the double knife strike. Basically you were supposed to cross arms in front of you then deliver a scissors action karate chop to your opponent hitting him wit both hands at the same time.

So, confident in my new ability to dispatch my enemies I stood up for myself the next time those bullies harassed me. As they advanced I crossed my arms and was ready to strike. Hiya! I yelled as I brought both edges of my open fists together on the closest bullies head.

It didn't work... I was quickly taken down to what I now know as a mount. I got the crap beat out of me that day.

After that I started wrestling and boxing.

Moral of this story... WAR boxing, wrestling, BJJ, and Kickboxing and actually learning from someone in person

Boo "pretty martial arts" bullies and trying to learn hands on techs from a book.
4/18/07 5:12:24PM
Depends on the type or martial arts. i have a book on ninja mind manipulation, its great, the art of war, tao of jeet kun do. those are my faves so far. still researching though.
4/19/07 5:11:01AM
Eddie Bravo's.
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