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3/19/13 4:27:28PM
Hey guys just wanted to start a thread on leg attacks.

Whats your favorite Leg attack and setup?

I like using a butterfly guard chop leg sweep to one side and when my opponent tries to defend, I take a heel hook on the other side!!!!

3/19/13 8:51:09PM
i love knee bars. i really enjoy finishing them from on top, either from side control or half guard. from those positions i go knee on belly only i use the opposite knee than you would usually use in order to face their legs instead of trying to go to mount. it works pretty good. in MMA i like to attack straight ankle locks while standing inside the guard. i put one foot down the middle and the other staggered so i dont get simple sweep'd (ie. they grab both ankles) and then fall back into the straight ankle lock.

i guess a single leg TD isn't technically a leg attack but there are some great setups for leg attacks from the single leg attack both head inside and outside as well as high crotch position.
3/20/13 8:25:30AM
Personally i like to go for a toe hold. One of the few at my gym that will actually give up position to try and execute. more times then not though i get the tap. It almost always starts with somebody in my guard. if they poster up and bring a foot up to try and stack i sort of roll and go belly down while throwing my legs chonan style wrapping their leg

now that i think of it a kneebar would actually be an easy sub to transition to from that also
3/27/13 9:49:26PM
Good stuff guys lets keep this going. I like to push my opponent and when he pushes back from standing, I baseball slide into a Heelhook!!! If he goes to far i just take a low single!!!1
4/8/13 2:47:11PM
I love heel hooks when a guy is standing over me. I have long flexible legs and its pretty easy for me to wrap a leg from the bottom.

I also like the push-over knee-bar sweep.
4/16/13 4:14:08AM
Anyone experience or know anyone who has experienced injury from leg subs? Heard they are notorious for bad ankle/knee injuries
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