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3/22/12 6:04:27PM
Post videos or pictures of your favorite finish in MMA.

I have to say Robbie Lawler's knockout of Frank Trigg is still my favorite to this day.

3/22/12 6:49:47PM
My favorite has to be Kazuyuki Fujita vs Thompson - simply because I have a soft spot for Fujita. I always felt he was being thrown in to feed the wolves. Fujita was not a good fighter by any means but the big guy had such a big heart - even bigger than his head and he won the hearts of many during his epic battle with James Thompson.

Fujita was just as stubborn as Vegita. He would fight while knowing his efforts were futile. He would take punishment after punishment - knees after knees, and if the fight were to last 100 rounds, he would still keep coming forward until a blow eventually kills him...

...And that is exactly what happened in Fujita's fight with Thompson. Fujita ate countless knees and absorbed countless punishment but his samurai spirit remained intact. And like a samurai, he mustered his very last bit of strength to deliver the fight ending blows to his opponent, James Thompson. All the while, Fujita could barely stand himself. This fight is a testimony of will, courage, and self preservation and it is only through warriors like Fujita - that we were able to witness such feat.

Fujita, you are a legend in your own right.

3/22/12 7:21:36PM
Favorite submissions -
Maybe the crippler cross-face at 2:40, or the fuck you Mike Brown at 1:20
Also, the Aoki-Hirota fight deserves mention in every thread. It's one thing to have your elbow broken by pulling it backwards, it's an entirely new level to have it brake while pulling it to the side behind the head, and dislocating the shoulder all at the same time. Cue-middle finger and crazy bird dance.

Favorite Knockouts -
Jose Aldo/Cub Swanson
Aleksander Emelianko/Ricardo Morais
Rampage/Minowaman(Knee from mount)
and of course Every Knockout of Ricardo Arona ever.
3/22/12 7:37:45PM
This was my first favourite knockout in mma and it's still up there for me.


It's hard not to say Hendo over Bisping is my favourite knockout though. No other moment in mma has made me that happy.

As far as submissions go, that's a really tough question. There have been so many. I'm going to go with Toby Imada over Jorge Masvidal with Nick Diaz over Gomi as a close 2nd.
3/22/12 8:32:29PM
Imada's inverted triangle over Masvidal is also my #1 submission of all time. I watched it on my TV live and I dont think I have ever been as amazed by a submission ever.

While there are numerous KO's that are better and more memorable, Jardine's knockout over Griffin got me hooked on the sport...it is also the reason why Jardine is my favourite fighter.

Marquardt's KO of Maia is right near the top. And you can't forget Etim planking
3/22/12 10:30:44PM
Sorry, guys. All of you had great examples of exciting finishes but I could only prop some of you.
3/22/12 11:01:16PM
Zaromskis somersault KO was really cool to see and Gonzaga's head kick KO of Cro Cop has to be a personal favorite.

Menjivar's calf slicer was one of my favorite subs I've ever seen and Werdum over Fedor was one of my personal fav's as well
3/22/12 11:33:11PM
its so hard to come up with answers to these threads, i gotta say though, the most memorable KO's came from pride for me. wandy over sakuraba, hendo over wandy, wandy over metzger are a few of my favs. plus pretty much any head kick KO from cro cop. igor had some sick KO's too. plus i gotta say that hendo over bisping and condit over hardy are among my favorites too.

as for submissions, i gotta go with aoki's topside gogaplata as one of the coolest.i cant think of that many right now

wandy vs saku

wandy get owned by hendo

remember how badass igor was
3/23/12 12:16:25AM

Posted by tcunningham
remember how badass igor was

Igor still scares the shit out of me
3/23/12 1:27:48AM

Posted by FastKnockout

Sorry, guys. All of you had great examples of exciting finishes but I could only prop some of you.

I didn't know we get props just for participation? I'll be posting in your threads more.
3/23/12 1:36:24PM

Posted by Bubbles

Posted by tcunningham
remember how badass igor was

Igor still scares the shit out of me

As he should! That man was a monster back in his prime. This knockout always comes to mind when I hear his name:

3/23/12 2:15:39PM

Posted by Budgellism

That is just pure vicious
3/23/12 2:19:28PM
some beauties from UFC 129 (I was there)

Ellenberger vs Pierson - an homage to Igor

Makdessi vs Watson - spinning backfist KO

Garza vs Jabouin - flying triangle
3/23/12 6:16:05PM
My favorite Knockout is Dan Henderson knocking Bisping silly

My Favorite submission would have to be Nick Diaz's sub on Gomi
3/24/12 2:06:57PM
barboza knocking etim out was incredible
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