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7/3/08 2:49:49PM
theres a special feeling that i get when someone is laying on the canvas with a leg stuck up in the air and not breathing straight.. ....ANYWAY

my 7 Fav KOs

7.Liddell Vs. Rampage 2, i just hate Liddell
6.Gonzaga Vs. Mirko, i love crocop but that was an amazing head Kick
5.Yves Edward Vs Josh Thompson, i would rather josh won, but that was great.
4.Scott smith and Pete sell, that was just super bad ass
3.Rampage Vs Arona, Mmmmm...Toasty
2.Henderson Vs Wand 2, beautiful back fist set up that rock hard left
*1.Wanderlei Vs Rampage 2, OMGOSH rampage looked DEAD!
7/3/08 3:08:41PM

7. Wandy vs. Rampage 2 - Not a big Rampage fan
6. Penn vs. Uno 1 - Fastest hands at LW
5. Penn vs. Sherk - Impressive KO
4. Wandy vs. Jardine - Brutal
3. Chuck vs. Randy 2 - Awesome
2. Chuck vs. Tito 1 - Combinations, Uppercuts!!
1. Penn vs. Thomas - Perfect KO
7/3/08 3:38:27PM
Franklin vs Quarry
Lawler vs Trigg
Evans vs Salmon
Smith vs Sell
Rampage vs Arona
Wand vs Jardine
Irvin vs Martin

No order just 7 of my personal favorites.
7/3/08 3:43:58PM
Damn, I have 8
7/3/08 3:44:02PM
all good ones
but i gota go with chuck vs tito 2
wandy rampage 1&2 (tie)
anderson vs rich 1
anderson vs leben
rampage vs arona
irvin vs alexander
and my personal favorite corcop headkick igor V.
7/3/08 3:47:12PM
Penn vs. Uno
Wandy vs. Jardine
Franklin vs. Quarry
Rampage vs. Arona
Hughes vs. Newton (I hate Hughes)
Shogun vs. Rampage
Silva vs. Newton
7/3/08 4:03:02PM
In no particular order.

Rashad Evans vs Sean Salmon
Crocop vs Vochanchyan (sp)
Fisher vs Wiman
Sanchez vs Riggs
Wiman vs Tavares
Wanderlei vs Jardine
Smith vs Sell

There are so many but these are the 1st 7 that come to mind.

Honorable mention:
Herrings New Years Kiss
7/3/08 4:09:43PM
No particular order

Silva vs Leben- I seriously laugh everytime i see this highlight just because of how pinpoint each strike is and how weak he made a strong chin look

Evans vs. Salmon- KTFO
Rampage vs Arona
Cro Cop vs. Silva
Cro Cop vs. Vovchanchyn
Lawler vs. Trigg
Wanderlei vs. Jardine
7/3/08 4:14:55PM
JZ Calvan vs Takaya... One of the best flying knees I've ever seen

Gomi vs Azeredo... Great 1-2 that puts Azeredo out

Wandy vs Saku 3... Another classic 1-2, never seen anyone take Sak like that before...

Rizzo vs Barnett... Looked like Pedro was going to knock Barney into the first row... be continued....
7/3/08 5:15:53PM
1). Nick Diaz vs. Robbie Lawler
2). Not sure vs. Not sure (see link below)
3). Mirco Cro Cop vs. Alexander Emelianenko
4). Rampage vs. Ricardo Arona
5). Rampage vs. Chuck Lidell (pt. 2 I hate Chuck)
6). Cro Cop vs. Bob Sapp
7). Cro cop vs. Mark Coleman.
7/3/08 5:16:38PM
In no particular order:

Cro Cop vs Wandy
Wandy vs Rampage 2
Din vs BJ
Franklin vs Quarry
Davis vs Liaudin
Rampage vs Arona
Swick vs Gideon Ray

Honarable Mention: Sylvia vs. Arlovski 2 & Randleman vs Cro Cop
7/3/08 5:33:54PM
My seven favorites in no particular order........

Pedro Rizzo/Josh Barnett
Liddell/Babalu 1
Aleks/Ricaro Morias
Fedor/Gary Goodridge
Krazy Horse/KJ Noons
Anthony Johnson/Tom Speer

7/3/08 5:46:25PM
7.Irvin v.s. Alexander
6.Arlovski v.s.Buentello
5.Gonzaga v.s.CroCop
4.Irvin v.s. Martin
3.Franklin v.s. Quarry
2.GSP v.s.Jay Herion
1.Diaz v.s. Lawler
7/3/08 8:10:27PM
In no particular order...

Wandy - Jardine
Smith - Sell
AA - Matyushenko (sweetest uppercut i've ever seen)
Mir - Sims
Franklin - Quarry
GG - CropCop
Vera - Eilers
7/3/08 11:15:15PM
In no order:

Chris Leben vs Mike Swick- He falls to his knees
Fabiano Scherner(sp?) vs Brandon Vera- He looks like he got stab in the gut
Kyle Noke vs Scott Smith- Noke was ******* dead
Rashad Evans vs Jason Lambert- GnP 101
Chris Leben/James Irvin vs Terry Martin- Vicoious KO(s)

My number favortie KO ever

Gary Goodridge KOing Oleg Taktaov(sp?)- Oleg was dead
7/3/08 11:24:23PM
7. Anderson Silva KO over Chris Leban
6. Houston Alexander KO over Keith Jardine
5. Cro Cop KO over Igor
4. Yves Edwards KO over Josh Thompson
3. Melvin Guillard KO over Rick Davis
2. Kevin Randleman KO over Cro Cop
1. Rampage KO Slam over Arona
7/4/08 7:28:31AM
7. Kid Yamamoto's flying knee to Kazuyuki Miyata
6. Genko Sudo over Royler Gracie
5. Chuck vs Rampage 2 (I was waiting for that KO for a while)
4. Anderson's elbow on Tony Fryklin (was the sickest elbow, I've ever seen in MMA)
3. Wandy vs Sakuraba 3 i think (Saku was was basically out before he hit the ground)
2. Wandy vs Rampage 2 (Rampage looked like he was going to go out the ring)
1. KJ Noons vs Krazy Horse (like I said before, this is how much I hate Noons)
7/4/08 7:47:47AM
Cro cop vs Aleks
Cro cop vs Igor
Franklin vs quarry
Chuck vs Tito (Either one will do)
Wandy vs Jardine
Anderson vs Fryklund
Rizzo vs Barnett

Honorable mention - Belfort vs silva and Baroni vs Menne
7/5/08 1:29:30PM
guillard body punch of rudiger
edwards thomson
tank destroying matua
matt brown highkick of jeremy may
shonie serra
hughes newton
lawler trigg
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