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11/11/11 1:20:32AM
Undoubtedly the 2 most fearsome heavys in UFC today.
Each undefeated in the UFC.
Each with 8 KOs on their official record.
Cain Velasquez ! Junior dos Santos !
Who has the best KO?

I was getting myself horny for this weekends championship bout by watching old JDS & Cain fight videos. And MAN these guys throw BOMBSSS! I know that this is common knowledge, but after watching so much footage on both men I came to the conclusion ... saturday night...... SOMEONES HEAD IS GOING TO FLY OFF! (& will probably land in Shaqs lap)

I implore to you fellow MMA nerds! Watch JDS' KOs! Watch Cains KOs! & tell me, WHO HAS THE BETTER KO?!

PS:(The answer is Junior)
His debut jaw rattling, leg noodling, dream shattering uppercut of Fab is NUTS

11/11/11 1:56:25AM
JDS: Def. the Werdum fight with the uppercut. (see my pictures :P)
Cain: (not a lot to pick from) but i'd say Big Nog.

I say not a lot to pick from cause most of his stoppages are mainly TKO, not one punch knockout.
11/11/11 2:08:01AM
yea JDS's ko over werdum was awesome, but then again, anytime werdum gets owned id good for me. i think i actually like cains KO over big nog the best though. it was such a beautiful combo.
11/11/11 2:46:58AM
Not a knockout, but I loved when Junior sent Nelson dancing across the cage. He hadn't been hit that hard since Arlovski back in 2008.
11/11/11 7:17:51PM
Cain carving up Big Nog is numero uno
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