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6/1/07 3:12:53AM
What are everyones favorite fights here? UFC, Pride, whatever... Whether its a few or 40854795, what do you consider the top fight's of all time? To throw some out there from my end I would have to say... Sherk/Florian, Arona/Wand 1, Huerta/Garcia, Shogun/Lil Nog, Jackson/Wand 2, Grove/Herman, Griffin/Bonnar 1/2, Hughes/Penn 2...
6/1/07 3:13:35AM
For some reason I cant stop watching Diaz/Gomi
6/1/07 3:15:30AM

Posted by rcg916

For some reason I cant stop watching Diaz/Gomi

Who can?
6/1/07 3:23:30AM
Wandy/Rampage 1 and 2

leaving out alot of UFC fights cause I am way to tired to think right now..hopefully I will think of some and edit this later

6/1/07 8:40:30AM
Wanderlei / Rampage II was really good, Rampage had Wanderlei in trouble a few times there!

Cro Cop / Nogueira
Shogun / Hiromitsu Kanehara
Fedor / Heath Herring
Wanderlei / Hidehiko Yoshida
Don Frye / Hidehiko Yoshida

One definitely worth seeing is Aleksander Emelianenko / James Thompson, seeing Thompson trying to look all hard, then getting destroyed in less than 14 seconds never gets old
6/1/07 11:16:19AM

Posted by rcg916

For some reason I cant stop watching Diaz/Gomi

Most of Pride 33 for that matter... One of the best events in a long time.
6/1/07 12:37:05PM
Fedor/Fujita, Hansen/Azeredo, Hansen/Uno, Masatoshi Abe/Keisuke Kurata, Manhoef/Cyborg, Saku/Newton, Rampage Randleman, Gomi/Pulver, Gomi/Penn, and any Rumina Sato fight. I could list tons morebut I don't want make you guys read a comprehensive list.
EDIT: I forgot Mach, it's hard to pick a fight but he's amazing.
6/1/07 11:56:20PM
Griffen/Bonnar 1
Tito handing it to Ken all three times.
Hulk Hogan/Andre the Giant
6/3/07 4:38:32AM
i would have to say rory outburst singer vs josh bring the pain haynes only because of josh haynes heart
6/3/07 8:27:07AM
Heath Herring vs Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at Pride Championship was fantastic, a very technical match, comfortably won by the Nogueira!
6/3/07 9:22:29AM
Liddell/Couture( all 3 ), Hughes/ Gracie, Chonan/A. Silva (flying leg lock was awsome), Fedor/Big Nog, Serra/GSP ... just to name a few
6/3/07 12:20:10PM
I personally enjoyed Couture/Sylvia
6/3/07 7:51:51PM
Takanori Gomi vs Kawajiri
Takanori Gomi vs Ralph Gracie
Wanderlei Silva vs Rampage 1&2
Wanderlei Silva vs Fujita
GSP vs Hughes 2
Mark Hunt vs Cro Cop (Shockwave 2005 PRIDEFC)
Big Nog vs Barnett 2
"Mach"Sakurai vs Jens Pulver
Takanori Gomi vs Luis Azeredo 1

Theres so many great fights I cant just pick one
6/4/07 5:00:46AM
Sudo vs. Butterbean is always fun to watch.

6/4/07 3:55:06PM

Posted by rdowney19

I personally enjoyed Couture/Sylvia

I'll second that. That fight doesn't bore me at all because I'm such a Couture fan and he never stopped pressing the action on the feet and ground. I liked it the same way I liked Couture vs. Tito.

Also enjoyed Karo vs. Diego even if I dislike both fighters. And on that note, I also like Diego vs. Diaz... what a ground war.

Hughes vs. Penn is also a favorite of mine.
6/4/07 8:11:36PM
Randy vs Rizzo 1
Nog vs Cro Cop
Nog vs Bob Sapp
Genki Sudu vs Bang Ludwig(dispite Baroni and Rogan commentating.)
Rampage vs Wandy 1
Shogun vs Lil Nog
6/5/07 6:14:22PM
I like Shamrock vs Ortiz 1, Brutal Beating For 3 rounds then they threw in the towel

Ramapage and Liddell 2 was great! I was so Happy!
But i wish rampage would of dominated chuck for like 3 or so rounds. Chuck lost his cofindence at the stare down!
6/5/07 6:59:44PM
Anderson Silva VS. Chris Leben
Liddell VS. Horn

Two dominating fights that are always fun to watch.

Karo VS. Sanchez
VS. Nick Diaz
VS. Burkman

Karo always seems to put on a pretty good show.
6/7/07 5:16:46PM
Hunt vs. Wand
6/9/07 7:16:24PM
My favorite fight is Hughes-Trigg 2
6/10/07 2:20:06PM
Shogun vs Lil'Nog
Frank Shamrock vs Ortiz
Minotauro vs Cro Cop/vs Sapp/vs Herring 1
Wanderlei vs Henderson 1 / vs Jackson 2
Gonzaga vs Cro Cop
Rampage vs Liddell 1 and 2
1/20/08 12:27:03AM
griffen/bonnar 1
1/20/08 1:49:05AM
I really like the Chuck/Wanderlei fight it was a good fight. But nothing will ever top Griffin/Bonnar 1(which put the UFC on the map)
1/20/08 3:41:47AM
diaz/gomi was the perfect fight from my perspective. all out war on the feet then finished with a gogo, doesnt get much better than that.

griffin/bonnar was also a lot of fun, too bad forrest couldnt finnish with a gogo lol or maybe that would be my favorite.
2/7/09 2:48:30PM
Its has to be Griffin vs Bonnar
The reason why i love mma

I also liked couture vs sylvia (its the 2nd fight that popped into my head)

Cant think of any more atm
2/7/09 3:11:18PM
Any Chuck fight during his reign,
Chuck vs Wanderlei
Forrest vs Rampage
Hendo vs Franklin
Hughes vs Trigg
Hughes vs GSP 1
Hughes vs GSP 2
Serra vs GSP 1
2/7/09 3:46:03PM
Its kinda tough because I like different fights for different reasons. The first one that came to my head was Davis/Taylor. I just loved the "boxer" winning with an armbar after being dropped by a head kick. As far as entertainment value goes, Riley/Gurgel was awesome. Gurgel got kicked in the head so much!
2/7/09 4:26:45PM

Just to name a few.
2/7/09 6:55:56PM
Cro Cop v Fedor - Amazing and completly lived up to the hype

Shogun v Nog - Wow

Chuck v Wand - Amazing fight, slug fest from start to stop.
2/8/09 7:40:32AM
Griffin vs. Jackson
Griffin vs. Bonnar
Rua vs. Nogueira
Sakurai vs. Trigg
Gomi vs. Azeredo
Sakuraba vs. Newton
Couture vs. Rizzo

Frye vs. Takayama
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