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8/3/11 12:39:46AM
Hey guys. Just trying to waste some time on The Playground while we wait on Saturday night to roll around. What are your top 3 favorite fights, KO/TKOs, submissions, and upsets in MMA?

(Favorite Fights)

1. Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva

Reason - Liddell vs. Silva happens to be one of the few fights that built up an incredible amount of hype that actually delivered. These two men had been on a crash course with each other for years, and had fans drooling in anticipation. Once it finally happened, it would end up one of the greatest fights in UFC history. Both men came out swinging, and by the end of the first round no one expected it to make it to a decision because both men were throwing with bad intentions to delight of the MMA world.

2. Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard

Reason - I know this was recent but I was already a huge Edgar fan before this fight, and the heart he showed during the fight was amazing to watch. It damn well made me like the kid even more. Add in the rivalry these two have and how competitive Maynard made it and you have one hell of a fight!

3. Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz 2

Reason - The first fight between these two was good, but the second one was even better! It was fun watching Ortiz mouth off those months leading in like he actually thought he could finish Liddell this time around. And when the fight finally came around, I loved watching the fear creep slowly into Tito's eyes when Liddell reminded him just how lethal his punching power was.

-Honorable Mentions-

Forrest Griffin vs. Stephan Bonnar
Rampage vs. Dan Henderson
Leonard Garcia vs. The Korean Zombie

(Favorite Knockouts)

1. Robbie Lawler's 4th round knockout of Frank Trigg at Icon Sport.

The Knockout

2. Phil Baroni's 1st round knockout of Dave Menne at UFC 39.

The Knockout

3. James Irvin's 2nd knockout of Terry Martin at UFC 54

The Knockout

-Honorable Mentions-

Chuck Liddell's KO of Tito Ortiz (The first fight)
Robbie Lawler's KO of Melvin Manhoef
Wanderlei Silva's KO of Keith Jardine

(Favorite Submissions)

1. Shinya Aoki's Rear Naked Choke on David Gardner at Dream 7.

The Submission

2. Toby Imada's Inverted Triangle Choke on Jorge Masvidal at Bellator 5.

The Submission

3. Ryo Chonan's Flying Scissor Heel Hook on Anderson Silva at Pride Shockwave 2004.

The Submission

-Honorable Mentions-

Nick Diaz's Gogoplata on Takanori Gomi
Frank Mir's Armbar on Tim Sylvia
The Korean Zombie's Twister on Leonard Garcia

(Favorite Upsets)

1. Frankie Edgar over B.J. Penn at UFC 112.

2. Junior dos Santos over Fabricio Werdum at UFC 90.

3. Forrest Griffin over Rampage at UFC 86.

-Honorable Mentions-

Forrest Griffin over Shogun
Frankie Edgar over B.J. Penn 2
Gabriel Gonzaga over Mirko Cro Cop
8/3/11 12:56:43AM
Favorite Fights

1. Don Frye vs Yoshihiro Takayama
2. Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva
3. Diego Sanchez vs Clay Guida
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8/3/11 1:03:05AM
Favorite Submissions

1. Nick Diaz vs Tankanori Gomi
2. Forrest Griffin vs Shogun
3. Demian Maia vs Ed Herman
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8/3/11 1:17:57AM
Favorite knockouts

1. Dan Henderson vs Michael Bisping
2. Rampage Jackson vs Wanderlei Silva
3. Gabriel Gonzaga vs Cro-Cop
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8/3/11 5:42:33AM
Nice, knockout. I'll do this when I get home from work
8/3/11 8:56:15AM
Shamrock over Ortiz

DHK vs Karo

Diaz vs Gomi


Hendo over Bisping

Hendo over Fedor

Smith over Sell


Anderson over Sonnen on roids

Anderson choking out Sonnen trashtalking on roids

Saku over either Rampage or Renzo

8/3/11 9:42:19AM
(favorite fights)
1. Griffin vs Bonnar 1
2. Sanchez vs. Guida
3. Frye vs. Takayama

1. Henderson vs. Bisping
2. Gonzaga vs. Cro Cop
3. Tank vs. Matua (because its the first I remember)

1. Silva vs. Sonnen
2. Gracie vs. Severn
3. Lytle vs Matt Brown (UFC 116)

1. Griffin vs Shogun
2. Couture vs Belfort 1
3. Serra vs. GSP
8/3/11 10:37:54AM

1. Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen
2. Guida vs Sanchez
3. Dan Henderons vs Rampage Jackson


1. Rashad Evans over Liddell
2. Dan Henderson over Bisping
3. Henderon over Wanderlei


1. Anderson Silva over Sonnen
2. Hughes vs Frank Trigg 2
3. Carlos Newton over Pele


1. Rashad Evans over Liddell
2. Serra over St. Pierre
3. Houston Alexander over Keith Jardine
8/3/11 1:01:36PM

1. Shogun vs Lil Nog

2. Demian Maia vs Jason MacDonald

3. Wanderlei Silva vs Chuck Liddell

HM - Clay Guida vs Diego Sanchez
HM - Randy Couture vs Big Nog


1. Dan Henderson KO's Michael Bisping
2. Shogun KO's Lyoto Machida
3. Wanderlei KO's Rampage 2

HM - Sokoudjou KO's Ricardo Arona
HM - Melvin Manhoef KO's Mark Hunt

1. Jung's Twister on Lenord Garcia
2. Nick Diaz Gogoplata on Takanori Gomi
3. Toby Imada's Inverted Triangle Choke on Jorge Masvidal

HM - Matt Hughes "Farmacondas" Ricardo Almeida
HM - Dustin Hazelett Armbars Josh Burkman

1. Matt Serra KO's GSP
2. Houston Alexander KO's Keith Jardine
3. Paulo Thiago KO's Koschek

HM - Edgar beats Penn
HM - Sokoudjou KO's Lil Nog
8/3/11 1:07:02PM
I'm surprised Silva's KO of Belfort and Machida's KO of Randy haven't been mentioned. Sick, sick, sick KO's.
8/3/11 1:37:52PM

Posted by emfleek

I'm surprised Silva's KO of Belfort and Machida's KO of Randy haven't been mentioned. Sick, sick, sick KO's.

I take it your a fan of the front kick?
8/3/11 1:49:52PM

Posted by prophecy033
I take it your a fan of the front kick?

You mean it's possible to *not* be?
8/3/11 1:55:32PM

Posted by emfleek

I'm surprised Silva's KO of Belfort and Machida's KO of Randy haven't been mentioned. Sick, sick, sick KO's.

8/3/11 2:04:18PM
Guida vs. Sanchez
Bonnar vs. Griffin
Silva vs. Sonnen
Liddell vs. Ortiz 2
Hardy vs. Davis

Henderson over Bisping
Silva over Belfort
Machida over Evans
Machida over Couture
Rampage over Silva2
Rampage over Arona
Jorgensen over Stone

Silva over Sonnen
Leben over Akiyama
Griffin over Shogun
Mir over Slyvia
Maia over Sonnen

Serra over GSP
Edgar over Penn

8/3/11 9:35:19PM

1) Shogun vs Lil Nog
2) Kongo vs Barry
3) Cro Cop vs Vovchanchyn


1) Shogun vs Rampage
2) Cro Cop vs Alexander Emilienenko
3) Rampage vs Arona


1)Chonan vs Silva
2)Silva vs Sonnen
3)Mir vs Lesner


1)Griffin vs Rua
2)Couture vs Belfort
3)Edgar vs Penn
8/3/11 10:09:19PM
Damn this is a really good thread FastKnockout. My picks are not necessarily in order

Top Submissions

Demian Maia Triangles Chael Sonnen - If I remember correctly, Maia swept Sonnen and ended up with a mounted triangle. One of the sickest, slickest subs I've seen.

Anderson Silva triangles Travis Lutter - This one caused everyone to start elbowing people in the face when they had their opponent in a Triangle. I don't remember seeing many people do it before this fight. Now errrr body does it. Good technique, savage really.

Nate Diaz guillotines Marcus Davis - Nate overcame being rocked early in the first. He found his timing, and pretty soundly out-boxed Davis into disfigurement. Then, he choked him unconscious in the third round. As a Diaz fan, that's what I hope for every time Nick or Nate get in the cage. (save for getting rocked)

Top Upsets

Randy Couture over Tim Sylvia - I myself didn't really consider this an upset, but Couture sure shocked a lot of people when he came out of retirement to dominate Sylvia for five rounds. Classic Captain America, classic UFC.

Anderson Silva over Chris Leben - I consider this an upset, for sure. Leben was looking good, had about five wins in a row at this point, and was looking set to take on Franklin soon. Then along came a spider........ and the rest is history.

Frankie Edgar over BJ Penn - Frankie had put together quite a resume at this point, beating a litany of top competition. His boxing was looking about as good as can be. I didn't know if his skills were enough for BJ. As it turns out, they were. I personally feel Edgar absolutely won the first fight, and the second was even more convincing. Just because you don't finish the champ, doesn't mean you didn't beat him.

Top Fights

Benson Henderson versus Anthony Pettis - This was just a great display of MMA. It went everywhere. Striking, subs, sweeps, showtime kicks.... what more could you want?

Chuck Liddell versus Wanderlei Silva - No explanation necessary, really.

Stephan Bonnar versus Forrest Griffin - Again, no explanation is really necessary. This was THE fight.

Top knockouts

James Irvin KO's Houston Alexander - Nothing like walking out, superman punching someone in the face, and having won the fight in 8 seconds. Often overlooked for Irvin's glorious flying knee of Terry Martin.

Jose Aldo KO's Cub Swanson - This was the point when Aldo just looked ridiculous. The time is listed as 0:08 of Round 1, but I feel that's wrong. That was more like a five or six second KO.

Lyoto Machida KO's Thiago Silva - If you want to watch one someone get treated like a prison bitch and KO'ed in astounding fashion, this one round fight fits the bill. Two Brazilians, essentially identical in height, record, reach and weight, both undefeated, both looking unbeatable. Lyoto came and said, "Who's your daddy?" and massacred Thiago. Topping off the fact he repeatedly dropped Silva during the first round, he seemed to realize the round was almost done, and just decided to thrown Thiago to the ground and KO him at the buzzer. Sick, sick performance. I can't remember a more masterful punking.

8/3/11 10:18:29PM

Shogun vs. Lil Nog (This fight was incredible)
Sanchez vs. Guida
Wandy vs. Liddell


Yves Edwards vs. Josh Thompson
Wandy vs Rampage 1 and 2
Dan Henderson vs Michael Bisping


Maia vs. MacDonald
The Korean Zombie vs. Leonard Garcia
Diaz vs. Gomi


Edgar over Penn
Lauzon over Pulver
Serra over St. Pierre.
8/3/11 10:33:57PM

1) Hendo over Bisping @ UFC 100
2) Anderson over Belfort @ UFC 126
3) Aldo over Swanson @ WEC 41


1) Chonan over Anderson @ PRIDE Shockwave 2004
2) Nick Diaz over Gomi @ PRIDE 33
3) Saku over Renzo @ PRIDE 10


1) Manhoef vs Cyborg @ Cage Rage 15
2) Alvarez vs Hellboy @ DREAM 3
3) Fedor vs Cro Cop @ PRIDE Final Conflict 2005


1) Serra over GSP @ UFC 69
2) Nick Diaz over Gomi @ PRIDE 33
3) Penn over Hughes @ UFC 46

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