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7/18/11 2:39:40PM
Not your top five favorite fighters, but your top five favorite fighters to WATCH. For example, Tito Ortiz will never be on my list of favorites, but I will admit that I get excited when I see his name on a card, because win or lose he's an exciting fighter and puts on a show. So, who do you guys enjoy watching?

5. Wanderlei Silva - I always enjoy a good brawl, and Silva is the definition of the word. He doesn't always land while he's throwing haymakers left and right, but damn is it fun watching him try. "The Axe Murderer" pretty much sums up Silva's mindset, because each time he steps in the cage to fight, he tries to murder to the man standing across from him.

4. Frankie Edgar - Edgar doesn't always finish fights, but that doesn't mean he's not entertaining. Starting off as a wrestler, Edgar has made leaps and bounds in his crisp boxing style to the point where I think he has some of the best hands in the UFC. He doesn't have power, but the pure technical skill is obvious, and not a lot of guys can handle that when he mixes it with his speed and movements. It's fun to watch his opponent's throw a punch, only to have Edgar dodge it and land three of his own in the process.

3. Lyoto Machida - This should be obvious. Machida is one of kind, and no other fighter in MMA uses Karate like Machida does. Once known for being the least hit man in the UFC, he uses effective counter punching with slick backwards movement to keep his opponents guessing, and just when they think they have him cornered he strikes and sends them into defense mode, where he will then start over until he manages to pick his opponent apart. Always fun to watch someone like Machida to use their style to such an extent.

2. Anderson Silva - Another obvious answer. Silva is arguably the best striker in the sport, and it's hard to argue against that when you look at all he's done in the UFC. Everything from destroying guys like Griffin and Leben without being touched, to killing Belfort's dreams of once again being champion with a single front kick to the face. His striking is second to none, and so far no one has been able to solve of puzzle of The Spider inside the UFC.

1. Chuck Liddell - Sure, he's my favorite fighter, but he has other reasons for being my favorite to watch. Chuck's one of those fighters where you know he will knock someone out, or be knocked out, and that will have most fans on the edge of their seats during the course of the fight. I'm one of those fans. Add in his jerky striking style with his unorthodox knockouts and you have one the most entertaining fighters to watch inside the cage.

7/18/11 3:13:18PM
Sorry no pics..

5. Rashad Evans

4. Nick Diaz

3. Wanderlei Silva

2. Anderson Silva

7/18/11 4:09:39PM
5. Melvin Manhoef

4. Mauricio Shogun Rua

3. Wanderlei Silva

2. Carlos Condit

1. Fedor

Nick Diaz
Dennis Siver
Dan Henderson
Charles Oliveria
7/18/11 4:30:44PM
5. Carlos Condit or Melvin Guillard - Both guys are electric and bring it every night.
4. Anthony Pettis - Hometown boy, awesome kicks, punishing off his back.
3. Dan Hardy - Win or Lose he's my favorite fighter.
2. Anderson Silva - Another guy that throws a wide range of strikes and usually with exception of a few fights puts on a show.
1. Jon Jones - Most exciting fighter to come around in a while. Large range of strikes and moves.
7/18/11 4:31:33PM
Lyoto (og fan before popular.)
Anderson (Before nutthugs)
Cruz (before the nutthuggers latched on)

7/18/11 4:49:55PM

Posted by ghandikush

Lyoto (og fan before popular.)
Anderson (Before nutthugs)
Cruz (before the nutthuggers latched on)

Why would the fighter's popularity change the way you feel about them?
7/18/11 5:59:17PM
1) Uncle Chael
2) Carlos Condit
3) Brian Foster
4) Jon Jones
5) Cain
7/18/11 6:51:11PM
5) Charles Oliviera

4) Cain Velasquez

3) Anderson Silva

2) Anthony Pettis

1) Shogun Rua
7/19/11 12:18:39AM
5. Wandy
4. Frankie Edgar
3. Alan Belcher
2. Shogun
1. Eddie Alvarez

EDIT: Honorable Mentions: Jeremy Stephens, Spencer Fisher, Junior Dos Santos, Rampage, Mighty Mouse
7/19/11 2:37:51AM
5- Jose Aldo
4- Junior Dos Santos
3- Lyoto Machida
2- Jon Jones
1- Anderson Silva
7/19/11 10:48:25PM
5 wanderlei silva - always comes to fight win or lose to bad his chin`s not what it used to be.4 chris leben - loves a brawl gets better when he gets hin in the face.3 bj penn - when he`s angry and more focused he`s a dangerous scraper. 2 lyoto machida - very elusive, great takedown defence accurate striker. 1 junior dos santos - great angles, deadly uppercuts, probably the best boxer in the heavyweight divison but needs to throw more kicks
7/20/11 12:56:03PM
5. maia- he made me a true bjj fan with his world class ground game

4. machida- its fun to watch a true traditional art showcased in mma

3. jon jones- the way he has crushes every oponent in front of him.

2.anderson silva- i dont like him but he always puts on a show.

1.anthony pettis- he can stand and bang and even when he is getting layed and prayed he is still exciting to watch.
7/20/11 2:22:19PM
1. Vitor Belfort
2. Clay Guida
3. Frankie Edgar
4. Sergei kharitonov
5. Don Frye
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