favorite fighters going to battle.

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7/17/08 11:00:24AM
whats up fella's? yesterday had a great fight finalized t.silva/machida. i was going crazy with the idea of the 2 silva's fighting each other. their 2 of my favorite fighters. i was just wondering who of your favorite fighters have squared off? who did you cheer for? were you even able to watch?
hendo/wand, wand/crocop, bignog/crocop, hendo/lilnog, guida/melendez- all 5 fights were crazy as hell. i couldn't cheer for anyone. to damn hard!
enjoy the fights this weekend.
7/17/08 12:14:44PM
Mir/Hardonk, Mir, yes

7/17/08 1:01:00PM
Shogun vs. Lil Nog. I wanted Shogun to win.
7/17/08 1:05:37PM
Franca-Edgar is one that is coming up for me. I think I'll root for Franca since he has a more unique skill set for the LW division and Edgar would make a real interestng matchup for Faber at 145 if he loses his 2nd straight.
7/17/08 1:14:36PM
Fedor - Mirko.....Really enjoyed that fight, and really didnt cheer for either one, just wanted them to do good.

Hug Vs Mirko -> cheered for Andy, but Mirko put up a great fight too.

Alvarez vs Hansen-> i really enjoy watching both, after the 1st minute i wasnt cheering for either one, it was just a great fight.

7/17/08 1:58:06PM
Gomi / Sakurai was one for me...

7/17/08 3:29:21PM
The Mir/Nog matchup will be tough to watch.
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