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1/25/09 2:25:41PM
What the topic title says.

1/25/09 2:36:32PM
BJ Penn

1/25/09 2:45:17PM
my top 10 favorites are:

1) Randy Couture
2) GSP
3) Wanderlei
4) Hendo
5) Forrest
6) BJ
7) Ronaldo "Jacare" de Souza
8) Babalu
9) Hazelett
10) Anthony Johnson

other guys i like are Arlovski, Mir, Big Nog, Anderson, Jon Fitch, Rich Clementi, Kurt Pellegrino, Tyson Griffin, and Clay Guida.
1/25/09 2:45:54PM
HW: Josh Barnett
LHW: Dan Henderson
MW: Gegard Movsisyan(Mousasi)
WW: Karo Parisyan
LW: Kenny Florian
FW: Jens Pulver
BW: Miguel Angel Torres
1/25/09 3:29:15PM
1.Chuck Liddell
2.Georges St Pierre
3.Alistair Overeem
4.Wanderlie Silva
5.Andrei Arlovski
6.Fedor Emelianenko
7.Patrick Cote
8.Robbie Lawler
9.Deigo Sanchez
10.Rashad Evans
1/25/09 3:31:36PM
Man, i have so many, really.

Melvin Manhoef
Fedor Emilianenko
Josh Barnett
Renato Sobral
Patrick Barry
Wanderlei Silva
Dan Henderson
Goran Reljic
Hellboy Hansen
Mirko Cro-Cop
Martin Kampmann

1/25/09 3:34:09PM
1 Chuck Liddell
2 Amir Sadollah
3 Rich Franklin
4 Krzysztof Soszynski
5 Frank Mir
6 Matt Hamill
7 Jon Fitch
8 Dan Henderson
9 Miguel Torres
10 Bas Rutten
1/25/09 3:52:59PM
1) Aoki
2) Davis
3) Wandy
4) Jacare
5) Paul Taylor
6) Dustin Hazelett
7) Eddie Alvarez
8) Demian Maia
9) Frank Mir
10) Houston (because he is one of the nicest guys i have ever met)
1/25/09 4:20:07PM
hw- COUTURE, arlovski, crocop
lhw- BABALU, wand, t.silva, rogerio nogueira
mw- HENDO, TANNER, j.macdonald, cote
lw- GUIDA, melendez, penn, maynard
fw- pulver
bw- torres

1/25/09 4:34:39PM
Hw - Fedor
LHW - Shogun
MW - Hendo
WW - Alves
LW - Thiago Tavares
FW- Mike Brown
BW - Torres or Kid
1/25/09 4:39:47PM
I have a lot of them, I tend to like a lot of guys who aren't championship material or non-champs, I dunno why maybe its because I can relate to them more.

1. Clay Guida
2. Josh Barnett
3. Nate Quarry
4. Kenny Florian (he has the catchiest name if you string it together with his nickname)
5. Rory Markham
6. Rich Clementi
7. Shonie Carter
8. Matt Horwich
9. Matt Brown
10. I've had a lot of guys at this spot since I like a lot of guys but I have Hellboy Hansen currently, mainly because he's very exciting as of late and his quotes on the UFC are rather funny yet inspiring.
1/25/09 5:20:26PM
HW: Josh Barnett
LHW: Renato "Babalu" Sobral
MW: Jason MacDonald
WW: Matt Hughes
LW: Joachim Hansen
FW: Leonard Garcia
BW: Miguel Torres
Overall/All time favorite: Ricco Rodriguez
1/25/09 5:37:24PM
Gina Carano
Mauricio Rua
Fedor Emelianenko
Thiago Alves
Chris Lytle
Anderson Silva
B.J. Penn
Luis Cane
Miguel Torres
1/25/09 5:50:25PM
I think how you pick a favorite is a better question. Someone who wins and isn't disrespectful.

Fedor, GSP, Machida, Anderson Silva, Griffin.
1/25/09 6:37:31PM
Rich Franklins my favourite by a long shot, but I also like Paul Taylor, Mayhem Miller, Penn, Chuck and Timmy.
1/25/09 6:38:16PM
1-tank abbot (ftw!!!!!!)

1/25/09 6:52:34PM
Cro Cop, Remy, Buakaw, Shogun, Thiago Alvez, BJ Penn, Fedor, and I have a soft spot for big timmay.
1/25/09 7:10:12PM
My top 5

1 Anderson Silva
2 Lyoto Machida
3 Luis Cane
4 Melvin Manhoef
5 Cain Velasquez

Cane and Cain are going to be near the top of their respective weight classes by the end of the year. I see both of these guys haveing huge a year in 09'
1/25/09 7:48:52PM
Rich Franklin above all

HW-Fedor, AA, Couture, Crocop, Kongo (don't like him as much as in awe of him), Cain Velasquez, Carwin

LHW-Franklin (of course), Forrest, Kryzsztof, Vera (but I'm starting to lost the love), Cane, W. SIlva, Babalu, Machida, Hamill

MW-Hendo, Lawler, Vitor, Kang, Almeida, Dan Miller, Amir, Gouveia

WW-Fitch (second favorite fighter), GSP, Kos, Condit, Davis, Hazelett, Kampmann

LW-Huerta (even though he's becoming a movie star, we look a like by the way), Jamie Varner, B.J., Joe Daddy, Josh Thomson, Lauzon, Franca, Jim Miller, Nover, and Junie Browning (yeah, I said it!!!), Emerson, Fisher, Guida Love the LWs bro!

Also love Faber and Torres and Curran

Just to name a few
1/25/09 7:52:07PM
1. Carlos Condit
2. Roger Huerta
3. Brock Lesnar - I was waiting for him to come to MMA for multiple years.
4. Urijah Faber
5. Thiago Silva
6. Josh Koscheck
7. Anderson Silva
8. Fedor
9. Frank Mir
10. Brian Stann
1/25/09 7:59:51PM

Posted by bls1919

My top 5

1 Anderson Silva
2 Lyoto Machida
3 Luis Cane
4 Melvin Manhoef
5 Cain Velasquez

Cane and Cain are going to be near the top of their respective weight classes by the end of the year. I see both of these guys haveing huge a year in 09'

Agree with you on Cane and Cain, watch out for Gouveia in the MW division, if he decides to get serious about his conditioning and train a little harder for his fights that dude would definitely give Anderson a run for his money. Gouveia reminds me of the B.J. Penn of old, hopefully he'll do what B.J. has done and start training to be a champ. Give Hazelett and Saunders a year or two in the WW division and watch out. Same thing with Nover and Junie (mark my words). Not saying that Hazelett, Ben Saunders, Nover, or Junie will be champ in the next year or so, but they will be top ten and on their way to a shot at least.
1/25/09 8:59:40PM
Top 10:
1. Wanderlei Silva
2. Mauricio Rua
3. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
4. Lyoto Machida
5. Jens Pulver
6. Rousimar Palhares
7. Tyson Griffin
8. Goran Reljic
9. Miguel Torres
10. Heath Herring

Other favorites include: Joachim Hansen, Demian Maia, Matt Hamill, Rich Franklin, Anderson Silva, and Pat Barry.
1/25/09 11:37:26PM
Jens "Little Evil" Pulver
Renato "Babalu" Sobral
1/26/09 2:00:41AM
1Lyoto Machida
2Kenny Florian
3Fedor Emelianenko
4Gabril Gonzaga
5Goran Reljic
6Luis Cane
7Mauricio Rua
8Demian Maia
9GSP (It's taken a long time for GSP to grown on me)
10Sergei Kharitonov

Honorable mention...

Dennis Kang
Kazuo Misaki
Shinya Aoki
Gegard Mousasu
Gesias Calvancanti

What I find strange is I rarely have any big favorites from the US.

1/26/09 2:10:47AM
1 Cung Le
2 Nick Diaz
3 Takanori Gomi
4 Marcus Davis
5 Ronaldo De Souza
6 Wanderlei Silva
7 BJ Penn
8 Fedor Emelianenko
9 Forrest Griffin
10 Georges St. Pierre

At one point in time... Gilbert Yvel,Rampage, Iceman, and the Smashing Machine were my fav's... but not so much anymore.
1/26/09 9:27:58AM
wow toughy
Arlovski has been my fav. forever
cro cop
1/26/09 9:58:00AM
1.) Vitor Belfort
2.) Jon Fitch
3.) Michael Bisping
4.)Nick Diaz
5.) Shane Carwin
6.) Kenny Florian
7.) Mike Swick
8. )GSP
9.) Wanderlei Silva
10.) Fedor
1/26/09 9:58:02AM
1.) Miguel Torres
2.) Jon Fitch
3.) Chuck Liddell
4.) Georges St. Pierre
5.) Quinton Jackson
6.) Nathan Diaz
7.) Kenny Florian
8.) Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria
9.) Donald Cerrone
10.) Chris Leben
1/26/09 12:59:01PM
Quinton Rampage Jackson
1/26/09 2:35:18PM
1 Fedor Emelianenko

2 Lyoto Machida

3 Forrest Griffin

4 Andrei Arlovski

5 Matt Serra

6 Randy Couture

7 Nathan Diaz

8 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

9 Urijah Faber

10 Dan Henderson

honarable mentions to rampage,Mayhem, Anyone with the last name Silva ,Hunt,JLB,Hoost,Tyson,Klitchko and a bunch of others!
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