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11/6/09 7:10:27PM
Simple. Who is your favorite fighter and why? And if you want, favorite fighter in each weight class.

HW-Big Baby lol
11/6/09 7:13:05PM
HW: Randy Couture
LHW: Forrest Griffin
MW: Anderson Silva/Demian Maia
LW: Tyson
FW: Urijah

Favorite of Favorites - Forrest Griffin
11/6/09 7:37:21PM
HW: Fedor
LHW: Wanderlei (Tough call, though.. tons of good fighters at LHW)
MW: Dan Henderson
WW: Matt Hughes (Not for his attitude, but for the way he used to wreck dudes back in the day. He was awesome to watch)
LW: Jamie Varner (Hey, I know the guy.. give me a break. He's a good friend to have and a great person)
FW: Urijah Faber
BW: Miguel Torres, of course!
11/6/09 8:05:04PM
HW: Ricco Rodriguez
LHW: Tito Ortiz
MW: Ivan Salaverry
WW: Matt Hughes
LW: Joachim Hansen
FW: Mike Thomas Brown and Jens Pulver
BW: Brian Bowles

I'm adding Ikuhisa Minowa to the list, but given that he's fought at every weight from WW to HW, I'm listing him seperately.
11/6/09 8:11:14PM
HW: None
LHW: Liddell
MW: Leben / Belfort
WW: Jon Fitch
LW: Nate Diaz
FW: Leonard Garcia
BW: Miguel Torres FTW!

EDIT: Though I still wouldn't label him as a HW favorite, I'd definitely say Brett Rogers is on the radar after his impressive showing against Fedor.
11/6/09 8:41:21PM
HW: Randy Couture
LHW: Chuck Liddell (I know he's done)
MW: Matt Brown
WW: Chris Lytle
LW: BJ PENN!! (He might be a deusch but damn is he fun to watch)
FW: Lil' Evil
BW: Miguel Torres
11/6/09 10:11:53PM

Posted by IriShame

HW: Randy Couture
LHW: Chuck Liddell (I know he's done)
MW: Matt Brown
WW: Chris Lytle
LW: BJ PENN!! (He might be a deusch but damn is he fun to watch)
FW: Lil' Evil
BW: Miguel Torres

matt brown has been fighting at ww since the show wrapped up
11/6/09 10:12:31PM
HW: Andrei "The Pitbull" Arlovski - The greatest heavyweight ever!
LHW: Forrest Griffin - I think he's a cool dude and he always comes to fight.
MW: Silva/Franklin
WW: GSP/Hughes/Fitch
LW: Sherk - I met him and he was the nicest guy ever!
11/6/09 10:16:08PM
hw-dos santos, big nog
lhw-shogun, bones jones
mw-sexiyama, silva
ww-aj, gsp
lw-bj penn, sanchez
fw-jose aldos, brown
bw-miguel torres, cruz
sorry but i couldn't narrow it down to 1 each
11/7/09 1:18:13AM
HW: Rodrigo Nogueira, Fedor Emelianenko
LHW: Wanderlei, Shogun Rua, then Lyoto Machida
MW: Rousimar Palhares
WW: Marius Zaromskis
LW: Tyson Griffin
FW: Jens Pulver
BW: Brian Bowles, Miguel Torres
11/7/09 1:28:55AM
HW: Fedor Emelianenko
LH: Mauricio Rua / Wanderlei Silva
MW: Vitor Belfort
WW: Nick Diaz / Thiago Alves
LW: B.J. Penn
FW: Jose Aldo
BW: Demacio Page / Miguel Torres
11/7/09 5:20:16AM
HW: Cro Cop
LHW: Vitor/Wanderlei/Shogun (hardest one to pick)
MW: Anderson
11/7/09 10:56:38AM
HW: Shane Carwin
LHW: Mauricio Rua / Thiago Silva
MW: Dan Henderson
WW: Marcus Davis
LW: BJ Penn
FW: Leonard Garcia
BW: Brian Bowles, fight. of Athens GA
11/7/09 11:05:43AM
HW- Pat Barry
LHW- Dan Henderson
MW- Nate Marquardt
WW- Mike Swick / Jon Fitch
LW- Joe Stevenson
FW- Jamie Varner
BW- Brian Bowles

11/7/09 11:46:13AM
HW: Randy Couture
LHW: Randy Couture
MW: Anderson Silva
WW: Marius Zaromskis
LW: Frankie Edgar
FW: Jose Aldo
BW: Miguel Torres

If I had to chose just one....I'd definitely choose Captain America
11/7/09 12:16:56PM

HW: Randy Couture
LHW: Chuck Liddell
MW: Anderson Silva for style, Rich Franklin for being a great person
WW: Matt Hughes
LW: BJ Penn
FW: Mike Brown
BW: Jeff Curran


HW: Big Nog
LHW: Machida
MW: Demian Maia
WW: Marius Zaromskis
LW: Joachim Hansen
FW: Jose Aldo
BW: Jeff Curran
11/7/09 12:18:12PM
HW- NIg Nog or Cro Cop(its a toss up)
LHW-Forrest Griffin or Rampage(to really funny guys)
MW-Nate 'The Great'
WW- Thiago Alves/Nick Diaz
LW- Kenny Florian
FW-Mike Brown
11/7/09 12:23:47PM
Justin Head ( Amature training partner of mine fighting for Cage of Chaos AMMY 170 belt) HAHA Pro Hughes
Mike Brown
Coy Maloy another Training partner
11/7/09 12:31:38PM
HW: Alistair Overeem
LHW: Chuck Liddell
MW: Vitor Belfort
WW: Georges St Pierre
LW: Diego Sanchez
FW: Mike Brown
BW: Miguel Torres
11/7/09 1:06:13PM
HW - Big Nog

LHW - Chuck/Shogun

MW - Franklin. Hes my overall favourite fighter to.

WW - Fitch


FW - Leigh Remedios

11/7/09 3:54:47PM
I really love Fedor, and everything he is about.

LHW-Shogun Rua
When I first got into MMA, I went out and the first DVD's I bought were the 2005 GP. From that moment on, I always loved shogun.

How do you not love him!?

WW-GSP/Marius Zaromskis
Georges goes without saying, after all I am a canuck. And Marius I have really attached myself to. I like his story. I'm running his fanpage on FaceBook, he has some very passionate fans.

Cristiane Cyborg Santos aswell.
11/7/09 4:20:35PM
HW-Frank Mir
LHW-Renato "Babalu" Sobral.....can't explain my man crush on him either
MW-Nate "The Great" Marquardt
WW-Nick Diaz, in the div he belongs is awesome! (although I am hugging Rumble's nuts hard lately!)
LW-Roger Huerta (The absolutely mos competitve div in the world IMO!)
FW-Urijah Faber
BW-Damacio Page (hardest div to actually watch live, it's not only in WEC!)
11/7/09 5:07:24PM
I used to watch the UFC's back in the day around UFC 1-10 or so and ended up losing track a little for a while and began getting the PPV's regularly with the UFC's in the mid 40's. With Nick Diaz's KO over Lawler at UFC 47 and GSP's TKO over Hieron at UFC 48, and Evan Tanners win over Baroni at UFC 48, those were my 3 favorite fighters for years and years. With Evan's passing, Nate Diaz has jumped into my 3 favorites with Nick and Georges.
11/7/09 5:35:06PM
HW - Aleksander Emelianenko
LHW - Chuck Liddell
MW - Evan Tanner
WW - Dustin Hazelett
LW - Kenny Florian
11/7/09 7:24:22PM
HW - Fedor - I like his style and would think that it would be similar to mine. Ground and pound to work into a submission. I also like his demeanor when he fights.
LHW - Shogun-Machida - I really like both guys' styles. Both are great standing up and on the ground. Both have very unorthodox styles in terms of everyone else
MW - Vitor - Have liked this guy since I first saw him in the early days of the UFC. He has certainly dealt with a lot over the past 15 years.
WW - GSP - Good fighting style and attitude. Plus, he's Canadian.
LW - Used to be Franca, but he has disappointed me in the past few fights. Not sure who my fave is now. Florian has really impressed me as a fighter, but I can't stand the guy otherwise.
Below LW - Haven't watched enough to decide.
11/8/09 12:13:16AM

lhw:chuck liddell


ww:thiago Alves

11/8/09 1:24:13PM
HW: Cain Velasquez & Brett Rogers. Even Kimbo.
LHW: Rampage then Thiago Silva. Even Kevin Randleman
MW: Anderson Silva, Drew McFedries, Jacare, Hendo too
WW: Anthony Johnson, Fitch & Kos
LW: Diego Sanchez, Frankie Edgar, Melvin Guillard
11/8/09 9:04:46PM
hw: Mir(before he got cocky)
lhw: Bones/rampage
mw: Mayhem
ww: Nick Diaz
lw: Tyson
fw: Carano(if she makes weight)
bw: Damacio
11/11/09 3:15:21PM
Heavyweight: Fedor Emelianenko
Light Heavyweight: Quinton Rampage Jackson
Middleweight: Jason Mayhem Miller
Welterweight: Jake Shields
Lightweight: Diego Sanchez
Featherweight: Uriah Faber
Womens Lightweight: Cristiane Cyborg Santos
11/16/09 11:48:47PM
glad to see people are saying frankie and tyson for lightweight, i think they are awesome and often overlooked....
of course penn is fun to watch though, i even think his **** talking is pretty amusing.
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