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11/3/08 8:04:48PM
just wondering if anyone else noticed fighters who look like other people, kind of fun, and i promise after reading this, the next time you see these guys fight you will see the resemblance and probably tell your friends! feel free to add to the list.

first i think Rich Franklin looks alot like....

Jim Carrey (i actually heard his friends gave him the name "Ace" beucase of how much he looked like Ace Ventura)

Mario Yamasaki looks alot..........

like Rob Schneider

Tim Sylvia looks like a .......

Whoo from Dr. Seuss

11/3/08 8:38:09PM
There is already a MMA Look Alikes thread in the padded room.
11/3/08 10:51:34PM
yeah rob and mario do ha
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