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POLL: Who is your favorite MMA fighter?
Fedor 15% (25)
Chuck Liddell 18% (30)
GSP 38% (64)
Takanori Gomi 8% (14)
Tito Ortiz 8% (13)
Mirco CroCop 13% (21)
7/18/07 2:38:51PM
I voted for Chuck Liddel.But if Randy would have been on there I would have picked him.
7/18/07 5:22:08PM
1. GSP - always exciting, true sportsman, true Canadian, incredible athlete.

2. Wanderlei - an absolute animal, may have actually been bitten by a werewolf, has anyone actually seen him during a full moon?

3. Liddell - always loved his style. Intense and wired in the ring, mellow and soft spoken outside the ring. Best looking KO punches in the game.
7/19/07 2:10:56PM
My favorites are Tito Ortiz and Rich Franklin.
7/19/07 2:26:06PM
1. Mirko 'Cro Cop' Filipovic
2. Anderson 'The Spider' Silva
3. Wanderlei 'The Axe Murderer' Silva

Incase it's not idicated through my picks, I like strikers. None of that Lay-and-Pray from these guys.
7/19/07 2:52:36PM
GSP all the way.
7/19/07 2:59:47PM
my favorite isnt on the list...but chucks close to favorite so ill take him
8/1/07 7:11:19AM
People are lovin GSP according to the poll, but Crocop and Diego are my favourites
11/14/07 8:27:21AM
my favorite is griffin but on the cart it is chuck
11/14/07 9:33:54AM
GSP all the way!
11/14/07 10:08:53AM
I voted for Tito Ortiz, but my favorite fighter is Frank Shamrock,But if you were to say favorite UFC fighter I'd have to say Matt Hughes or Frankie Edgar
11/14/07 11:32:29AM
as i said on page 1 its CC, i had to do a quick scan to see if any fairweather fans changed their picks, but i didnt find any(granted it was a once over) so good job playgrounders for not changing your favorite fighters on a monthly basis.
11/14/07 2:17:08PM
At least spell the guy's name right....

Posted by casey64

Qinton Rampage Jackson

11/14/07 3:20:30PM
GSP !!!

11/14/07 9:01:00PM
11/14/07 9:12:28PM
my favourite fighter is ace, but off the list i have to go with the ice man. I think they both seem like really cool guys :)
11/15/07 12:58:24AM
Gomi was my favorite of the poll options, so I gave him a vote, even though he's somewhere in the middle of my list of favorites. It's hard to pick one guy but if I had to list ten I'd go with.

1. Rumina Sato (one of the names responsible for Japan's MMA boom, and the biggest living legend in their scene save Sakuraba)
2. Masatoshi Abe (the greatest fighter you've never heard of, bar none)
3.Joachim Hansen (Hellboy is Helboy, nothing else needs to be said)
4.Jens Pulver (Little Evil has hands of stone and the heart of a lion, always fun to watch)
5. Pawel Nastula (Yeah, he hasn't had the greatest career in MMA, guy's still one of my heros)
6. Igor Vovchancyn (The scariest guy in MMA, ever, you watched him fight for the same reason you wait for the crashes in motor sports, you know you shouldn't look but the end result promised to be something to see)
7. Sergei Kharitonov (A nice guy and a promising fighter, interesting now to see how he copes with being back after some bad injuries)
8. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (A true warrior, his exploits in the ring are the stuff people will be talking about decades from now)
9. Quinton Jackson (ladies and gentlemen, this sports Muhammad Ali, enough said)
10. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou (see below)

The ten spot is sort of a revolving door, but Sok is as deserving as anyone else and has a lot of promise, plus I really enjoy watching him fight. That said, this took about twenty minutes to do, there so many other guys I love to watch and would like to list, but most of the guys that I would pay to see no matter what are there.
11/15/07 12:30:07PM
couture is my favorite
2/1/08 11:36:44PM
I went with chuck but the Av says it all!!!

2/1/08 11:46:47PM
Marcus Davis, the future WW champion of 2009.

so much talent, so much dedication; this man improves every time he sets foot in the octagon and with an ever evolving ground game to compliment his insane hands he will be a force to be reckoned with mark my words.
2/1/08 11:59:38PM
Babalu and Jens are my favourites but of the poll I chose Mirko.
2/2/08 12:31:51AM
as bad as many dislike him, Im a huge Tito fan..He is the one that got me into watching mma
2/2/08 4:27:57PM
2/2/08 6:12:48PM
If I could pick him it would have to be Shannon 'The Cannon' Ritch.
2/2/08 6:27:00PM
1) anderson silva
2) chuck lidell
3) GSP
2/4/08 3:50:22PM
Liddell will always be my favorite fighter
2/5/08 3:50:01AM
fedor is my favorite fighter on that list
wanderlei is my favorite fighter, hes been in so many wars and just never gives up no matter what you just gotta admire that.
2/5/08 3:24:01PM
GSP baby!
2/5/08 5:29:19PM
My favorite from the list is GSP. but personally i have always liked Matt Hughes.
2/5/08 5:37:27PM
Gsp,because he kicked hughes ass twice
2/5/08 11:10:16PM
my favorite wasnt on there, so i went for gsp
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