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7/6/07 7:41:45PM
I'm wanting to know what ur favorite knockout and fight is.
Even tho i like rampage when silva kneed him and he fell threw the ropes was awesome.My favorite fight was probabley Evan Tanner vs. Rich Franklin at UFC 53 for the title.
7/6/07 10:13:56PM
Rich didnt knock out tanner at 53 it was stopped because of a cut. Maybe your thinking of when Rich ko'd Nate Quarry. Best K-O is Scott Smith Vs. Pete Sell
7/6/07 10:21:22PM
Rampage/Wandy 2
Sakurai/Olef (I think that is his name is..at 1 of the recent Bushido's)
Anderson Silva/Everyone he has KO'ed haha
forgetting alota others
7/6/07 10:50:12PM
i said that was my favorite fight not my favorite ko
7/6/07 11:08:09PM
Favorite knockout is definitly the one where Razor Rob broke Olaf Alfonso's jaw. My favorite fight could be BJ Penn vs Matt Hughes 2, or Randy Couture vs Tim Sylvia.
7/6/07 11:42:33PM
fave knockout paul buentello on justin eilers. that one was crazy, eilers just swayed there for a second before falling.........another good one, non-ufc, was robbie lawler on frank trigg.
fave fights, i liked karo against sanchez. that one was an all out war.
7/7/07 12:49:17AM
fav fight is between forrest griffin and stephan bonnar 1. and ko what prob be gonzaga vs mirco.
7/7/07 3:41:34AM
My favorite fight was leonard garcia vs roger huerta at ufc 69 and my favorite ko is silva over franklin or smith over sell......in pride wandi over rampage and crocop over wandi
7/7/07 4:58:56AM
Favorite Fights: Forrest Griffin vs Stephan Bonnar 1
Diego Sanchez Vs. Nick Diaz

Favorite KO: Tank abbot knocked out "the russian guy?" against the fence and his body went limp.
7/7/07 12:24:54PM
fav ko is rich franklin.vs nate quarry
7/7/07 1:05:48PM
my favorite KO is mirko cro cop vs aleksander emelenenko i dont know how to spell his name very good but he got KOd bad.
7/7/07 4:14:39PM
I'm in a toss-up.

Brad Kohler vs Steve Judson
Tank Abbott vs Steve Nelmark
Mirko CroCop vs Igor Vovchanchyn
Wandy vs Rampage

As far as favorite fight, I gotta go with Sherk vs Florian.
5 round bloodbath, that's my style.
7/7/07 5:08:38PM
My Fav Ko was James Irvin on Terry Martin with that flying Knee.

I dont think i could pick a Fav fight...
7/7/07 6:09:14PM
Favorite KO:

Rizzo knocking Barnett through the cage
Gomi's 1-2 on Azeredo
Iggy's anhialation of Fransisco Bueno
Aleks boxing the snot out of Ricardo Morais

Favorite Fight:

Chuck / Vernon Tiger White
Gomi / Diaz
Karo / Diaz
Hunt / Nishijima
Saku / Newton
Hunt / CC (Pride)
GSP / Hughes II
7/8/07 3:35:57AM
Favorite KO: Gonzaga kicking CroCop in the head. Not only was that KO brutal it was unexpected, and boy did Mirko look torn up as he crumpled to the ground.

Favorite Fight: What Randy did to big Tim... again unexpected and exciting throughout, as you thought at any moment Tim could have ended it but Randy out boxed him. Randy ran a clinic and it was fun to watch, seemed like he was always doing something in that fight.
7/9/07 2:08:06AM
Favorite KO Eva: Baroni vs Menne
I still have nightmares thinking about that fight.

Favourite Fight: Diaz vs Sanchez
One of the greatest displays of technical grappling, wrestling and scrambling ever. Furious pace, highly entertaining, highly edifying. The only thing missing is a rematch
7/11/07 4:40:06PM
Favorite knockout: Tank Abbott vs. Steve Nelmark
Favorite fight: Bob Sapp vs. Big Nog
1/1/08 2:19:04PM
Rampage vs Arona- the end
1/1/08 9:31:09PM
The monster and cro-cop....who thought that was gonna happen?....lol
1/2/08 2:11:08AM
Favorite KO- Tank/Nelmark
favorite Fight- Couture/Tito
1/2/08 1:51:29PM
Favorite Knockout: Gomi/Azeredo1

Favorite Fight: Sato/Uno1
1/2/08 4:22:01PM
rampage-arona fav ko
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