favorite of my favorite teams?

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POLL: Which of my favorite teams do you like best?
Florida Marlins 17% (1)
Houston Texans 0% (0)
Chicago Bulls 50% (3)
Anaheim Ducks 17% (1)
Notre Dame Fighting Irish 0% (0)
Ireland National Soccor Federation 17% (1)
1/17/07 9:45:19PM
Which of these teams are good?
2/7/07 12:22:43AM
wow those are pretty bad teams except the bulls. i personally dont like any of them but give you credit for sticking with those teams. my teams are in order of limbs i would cut off for a championship from most to least.
1 dallas cowboys
2 kentucky wildcats
3 chicago white sox
4 anyone come back from a beating in ufc or pride and pull out a win by knockout or submission
5 ny knicks
2/9/07 12:52:44AM
Those teams all suck, but hey i'm an AZ Cardinals fan so what do I know.
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