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POLL: Your favorite Burger
Mcdonalds 21% (6)
Burger King 34% (10)
Wendys 21% (6)
Sonic 10% (3)
Hardees 3% (1)
Krystal/White Castle 10% (3)
5/22/08 9:28:05PM
My girlfriend's
5/22/08 9:59:18PM
Whatever happened to Harvey's? Harvey's beats everyone of those
5/22/08 11:34:49PM
The greatest burger in the world is a Kroll's burger. This place Krolls is right across from Lambeau Field and has the best butterburgers ever. If you ever enter the city of Green Bay, you must go on a pilgrimage to Krolls.

Out of the options given, Ill pick White Castle with BK being a close second.
5/23/08 12:00:36AM
I have not had a fast food burger in years. I gave up on fast food years ago. They would make me sick to my stomach now.

The closest thing I have had lately is a Hero Burger, but they are not really considered fast food burgers by any means.

5/23/08 12:07:32AM
Hero Burger... are they them microwave Burgers ya get from servo's?? I F**king love those things... Dirt cheap and ready in 90 seconds... how can ya go wrong??
5/23/08 12:40:18AM
IN N OUT baby all the way. That and Tommy's. But again it’s a Cali thing.
I think Tommy's is still only in So Cal. Its nothing but chili everything. Chili fries, chili burgers, chili dogs.
But still In N Out the best.
It was funny in the Army the east coast boy’s it was all about White Castle and the west coast boy’s it was all about In N Out.

Double Double Animal style......

By the way, I am not voting unless Cali get's it's In N Out on the list....
5/23/08 12:44:29AM

Posted by hippysmacker

Inn and Out 3 x 3

but make mine a 4x4 mmmmmm tasty sorry to those states that cant taste the IN-N-OUT
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