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8/29/08 4:54:58PM
I like this insignificant NBA trade just made-NY gets Patrick Ewing Jr. from Houston fit the rights to Frederic Weis, a Frenchman picked in 1999 who worked out well in NY-he's played all of ZERO NBA games. Now I'm not a Knicks fan but as a Georgetown fan obviously I'm hoping for big things out of Junior (he's PatricK Ewing's son) in the city where his dad played 15 great years and helped make the NBA & Georgetown Big Man synonymous (OK, and Georgetown Little Man thanks in part to Iverson).
8/29/08 6:03:55PM
he's got decent talent, maybe enough to amke him a staple in the league, but i dont think we'll see impressive #s
8/29/08 6:09:31PM
wow! wonder if he can get as many rings as poppa ewing.
8/29/08 6:24:44PM
He already has as many as Pops before he even steps on an NBA court.
8/29/08 6:39:39PM
Walsh is the man, anyone that can get rid of Frederic Weis and actually get something in return is outstanding. Hear that Weis, thats Vince Carter wanting round 2 to leap over you.
8/29/08 8:05:53PM
I thought he was adopted? ?
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