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10/16/10 10:11:22AM
Any tips? I know interval training works pretty good, but is there anything else besides the obvious "eat good food not crap" ?
10/16/10 10:23:12AM
Nope eat low calories and lots of cardio
2/11/11 4:35:09PM
Good cardio work out is fine you can also try whey protein isolates also you can go to the sauna to sweat a lot.
2/28/11 8:37:37AM
Sweating alot just helps you loose weight from the fluids in your body. You won't burn fat that way.

Besides a low-calorie diet, you should do high intensity cardio- hit at least 90% of your target heart rate.
3/5/11 4:34:35AM
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3/13/11 5:20:22AM
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3/15/11 11:53:34PM
Also, the more lean muscle you can pack on your body, the more you will utilize (burn) body fat during your workouts and throughout the day - so, don't drop the resistance training by any means. Try making your resistance workouts cardio-based by creating high intensity circuits that won't allow your heart rate to drop too low. Also, eat protein (10-20g) with some carbs immediately after, then have another serving about 2 hours after. Good luck!
3/23/11 6:05:43PM
Try high rep lifting, alternating muscles. even if you just did chest. Take a short 30 second break and target another muscle group. This is easy to accomplish if you do a full body workout. Idea is to keep working continuously.

Secondly if you are trying to just get rid of fat and not "cut" weight, try long slow runs or eliptical work. intensity should be to the point where you can't hold a convo without breathing a lot, but not so hard that you can't hold a convo. That is fat burning at its finest.

Third take your total calories you intent to intake a day
-your weight x 10 + about 300-400 calories (no way anyone can tell you exactly)

split your total calories into three groups. lets say 1800 for 150 lb guy.

Breakfast 400-500 cal
snack 100- 200 cal
Lunch 400 -500 cal
snack 100 - 200
Dinner 400-500
snack 100- 200

Many people feel really hungry at the end of the day, because they are trying to replace calories that they should have had in the beginning. if any meal should be over 500 its breakfast (in this case). if you can't do that, make your morning snack bigger.

its hard to say exactly what YOU need. so play around with it.

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