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7/14/09 8:35:53AM
“We felt that the way to beat ‘Rush’ was through counter-punching and boxing…. I wanted him to bait St-Pierre, to strike and then counter-punch. Many times you go there with a plan, but your opponent doesn’t allow you to bring it to fruition, and that’s what happened … Thiago did not show his capability of being explosive. He lost too much weight too fast and lost his explosiveness in the process. That’s why he lost the fight. Thiago can beat St. Pierre…. Thiago is a warrior and a tremendous fighter. He lasted the five rounds and he never quit. He’s extremely strong and that’s why he kept getting up. He does have what it takes to beat Georges. He has to keep his head up and know that there will be more opportunities. He’s still very young and that can work for you — and against you. Against you because you may not have the maturity or the perspective of your entire career and the future; or it can work for you, helping you learn from it, and realize how much better you can be, and how much more time you have … we just have to keep moving forward.”

7/14/09 9:24:30AM
He is a warrior, but he is not ready for GSP.
7/14/09 9:53:44AM
I think Thiago would do better at MW where his cut wouldn't be a factor. I can guaruntee that all the other WW fighters are thinking of ways to exploit his gas tank and use their wrestling to wear him down. The MW division is mostly a strikers or submission division and I think the paucity of wrestling ability would really play well for Thaigo.
7/14/09 10:59:39AM
This is crap. He was still moving around fine and was on his toes in the 5th round. The real reason was the first one given, GSP beat the gameplan. Thiago mid-week said he was ahead of where he usually was in his weight cut which means that he cut it slower, not too fast, slower than his other fights where apparently he was fine. I call BS.
7/14/09 11:49:10AM
Ummm if your ahead of your cut that means your going
7/14/09 12:28:21PM

Posted by cmill21

Ummm if your ahead of your cut that means your going

I took it as he started cutting sooner and spread out the cut over a longer period of time so that he would make weight for sure.
7/14/09 12:39:22PM
Alves lost to a better fighter. If both guys had perfect training camps and were 100% I would still expect to see GSP with his hand raised.
7/14/09 12:39:34PM
here come the excuses
i thought he looked good, i was very surprised he didn't gas out
7/14/09 12:48:29PM
@ the guy who said he was on his toes in the 5th round- He wasn't.. re watch the fight. At the very beginning of the round, maybe, but not throughout the whole thing. He started getting pretty flat footed 3rd and 4th round.

I will say that I was surprised how good Alves' cardio was. I thought for sure he'd be horribly gassed by the 3rd or 4th round but he was hanging in there OK.

I really don't see how people can say the weight cut wasn't a factor and that this is all just excuses, though. We all knew going into the fight that it would be a factor, so why is everyone calling it an excuse now? It is something they all deal with. To me Alves seemed pretty humble in defeat.
7/14/09 1:02:50PM
He lost 5 rounds fair and square and GSP pulled his abductor.

No grease.

No vaseline.

No getting ur mommy to cry to the athetic commission.

No home court advantage.

It will make him stronger though.

Alves to fight... hmmm Carlos Condit if he beats Lytle or loser of Swick/Kampmann.
7/14/09 1:09:21PM
Just an excuse. No different from Mir's half-an-inch BS. Although with Alves the fans made his weight cut into a pre-fight excuse.
7/15/09 7:11:53PM
I dont think weight cut should ever be an excuse, everyone knows its a part of the game, if it makes you too weak move up or spread out the cut over a longer period of time.

7/15/09 8:20:13PM
Fitch was dominating him the exact same way GSP did, its not a bad game plan or the weight cut that efected that fight it was the fact that Alves just doesn't have the TDD he needs to beat top of the line wrestlers like GSP and Fitch.

There was quite a few of us that recognized that hole in his game and the fight went down exactly the way I personally felt it would.
7/16/09 7:15:47AM
If he can't stop the takedown against a top wrestler, I don't see him being a champ , or at least not for long if he ever is. That is really significant in my book though. Heck if he could stop the take down every time, I think Kit cope would be the worlds top 155er.
7/16/09 8:45:13PM
Well the weight cut did affect him but he has always had problems with the weight cut in every fight expect the ones where he didn't make weight so it wasn't just this fight. If he doesn't want the weight cut to be an issue cut some muscle mass or move up to 185 its that simple. He lost because GSP is the better fighter not because Alves had cutting problems. He has had mouths to prepare and he has known for long time now that he has weight cutting issues. For his trainers to say it was cutting issues implies they weren't doing their job.
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