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7/1/09 10:26:27AM
In a video interview we recently posted with Tito Ortiz shot this past weekend in Pittsburgh, "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" said that he is set to start his own organization, Punishment Fighting Championships, in association with Strikeforce.

"I'm starting my own organization also with Strikeforce called "Punishment Fighting Championships," Ortiz said. "So, you know, just not as a promoter, I'll be competing also, and bringing some other guys around and trying to create superstars."

However, when Fanhouse contacted Strikeforce director of communications, Mike Afromowitz, Tuesday, he made it pretty clear that no agreement is in place with Ortiz.


save it Tito haters, if you dont care dont read it
7/1/09 11:19:54AM
Ortiz is just blowing smoke. All I see now a days is tito talking and no action.
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