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7/21/12 6:34:41PM
Is he or isn’t he?

He isn’t.

Despite earlier reports, including one from us at, former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia is not going to be facing Daniel Cormier under the Strikeforce banner on Sept. 29 in Sacramento, Calif.

UFC president Dana White on Thursday said that Sylvia was not headed to Strikeforce, but an initial Friday report by, which our sources backed, indicated that Sylvia was indeed headed into a fight with Cormier.

Late Friday evening, however, White talked to, who reported that “White said the signing was never announced, and that ‘long story, but yes, Tim is not with Zuffa.’”White commented on Twitter, shooting down the Tim Sylvia signing.

There were apparently negotiations going on, at least according to our sources, but regardless of the details, the fact remains that White is sticking by his original statement that Sylvia is not going to be fighting under the Zuffa umbrella at either the UFC or Strikeforce.

7/21/12 6:55:20PM
Sucks for Tim, so who is Cormier going to fight?!
7/21/12 9:56:53PM
glad to see this. i didnt see timmy getting much out of this except an asswhoopin. same with DC, a win over tim at this point wouldnt really do much for him.
7/21/12 10:08:48PM
at least knowing dana, this means nothing and its just as likely to happen even though he says never
7/22/12 11:50:04AM
This whole Zuffa/Strikefroce/Showtime bickering has gotten old, real fast.
7/22/12 12:24:27PM
Daniel Cormier is ducking him.
7/22/12 12:59:05PM
Does Dana even have the ability to make that happen legally....I mean isn't Strikeforce "it's own company"?
7/22/12 6:28:34PM
Wonder if ol Timmy ever learned to defend against an overhand right ??
7/22/12 8:53:34PM
Tbh I've seen Sylvia get beat down enough times already. He's not relevant in the least and it wouldn't make sense to feed him to cormier anyways.
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