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2/15/11 7:26:45AM
I've been rewatching TUF 4, and just wondered (not saying its going to happen) But if they were to redo it, who would be the:
8 Middleweights
8 Welterweights

Preferably people whom have been cut from the organisation who are currently not with any serious contracts

What was Season 4 the comeback: The series featured a change from the usual Ultimate Fighter format. Instead of UFC hopefuls, the cast was composed of fighters that had fought in the UFC but had yet to win a UFC title. The winners in the middleweight and welterweight divisions earned a UFC title shot in their division

Playgrounds thoughts so far:
1. Patrick Cote
2. David Loiseau
3. Gerald Harris
4. Drew McFedries
5. Dennis Kang
6. Jesse Taylor
7. Thailes Leites
8. Nick Ring

1. Pete Sell
2. Ben Saunders
3. Rory Markham
4. Jess Liauden
5. Karo Paryisan
6. Phil Baroni
7. Brock Larson
8. Tamden McCroy

Will edit and add our 16 contestants
2/15/11 5:06:40PM
Well this obviously wasn't as popular as I anticipated
2/15/11 6:40:24PM
My 16 picks would be:


Jason MacDonald
Patrick Cote
David Loiseau
Gerald Harris
Trevor Prangley
Drew McFedries
Jorge Santiago
Dennis Kang


Pete Sell
Ben Saunders
Joe Riggs
Kevin Burns
Rory Markham
Tamden McCrory
Jess Liauden
Chris Wilson

I think the MW 8 is much stronger then the WW 8.
2/15/11 8:24:22PM
It would be cool to have another comeback season
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