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4/2/12 5:37:12PM
Here is a new game designed by MMAMental and played nowhere else. Its an exciting new concept based on the real UFC events.

Here is how the game works:

Before each UFC event everyone pick a team of fighters who are fighting on that card. 1 from each weight class. The fighters will qualify for the weight class that they are fighting at that event.

The points will be:

3 pts = win
1pt = loss
2 pts = draw/No contest.

After each event we will then do a vote on the fighters on the card:

There will be 4 sections:

KO/TKO of the night

Tapout of the night

Fight of the night

Fighter of the night

The winner in each category will earn an additional 5 pts.

The format is simple, but as the game is interactive it is great fun.

The first season of this game will start at UFC on Fuel TV 2 and will run until the end of 2012.

To join in click the link and register a free account with MMAMental

I am aiming for 100 players.
4/4/12 11:27:28AM
Fight change:

If you picked Kruth as your LHW then your picks will automatically change to his replacement Tom DeBlass.

If you want a different LHW then please visit MMAMental and change your picks.
4/7/12 4:28:14AM
Brand new season starts in 1 week, please click the link and make your picks.
4/10/12 4:56:57PM
If any one else would like to join in, the deadline is this Saturday, please click the link in the first post and make your picks for this free fantasy MMA game.
4/13/12 6:02:00AM
Final shout out, got 31 players so far, was hoping for more, if you haven't made your picks yet please click the link and join in this free game!
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